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How To Take Epic Vacation Photos

Master these vacation photography tips to get the best shot on your next trip.

A beach holiday picture of a man sitting on a boat looking at the blue sea.

Your epic travels deserve to be commemorated with equally breathtaking photos. Whether you love to be behind the camera or posing in front of it, check out these pro tips on how to get the once-in-a-lifetime shot you'll be proud to post anywhere.

A camera, a laptop and other various pieces of equipment needed to take vacation pictures are sitting on a table.

Think ahead and be prepared

Planning in advance is the key to creating the perfect vacation shot. Do your homework and know what to expect at your destination. This will help you coordinate your outfits with the colors and mood of the surroundings and make you more photogenic. Plus, you can figure out what photography equipment you need to bring to capture striking travel photographs.

Four travel snapshots. The first is of a boy holding a surfboard at the beach, the second is of a woman wearing traditional Vietnamese clothes, the third is of a man posing in New York, and the fourth is of a person holding a drink at the pool.

Tell your story through your photos

Whether you're traveling to a big city or a remote paradise, express what makes that place unique to you through your photographs. If you're trying to capture the colossal size of a landscape, include an image of you in the photo for scale. Or try filming from a lower angle to shoot long and narrow streets.

A woman strikes a vacation photo pose for creative travel photography in front of the Tower of Pisa, in Italy.

Simple tips for better composition

Getting the perfect vacation photo can be as easy as remembering a few easy pointers. To begin, extend the exposure on your camera by 1 second for food photographs to increase the brightness and make food appear more appetizing. Or, keep the focus on the subject's eyes when taking a portrait photo. Also try selecting unique backgrounds for your photos, or capturing natural candids of your subjects. Check out the videos below for more great tips.

The Frame with Art Mode showing a photograph of a boy sledding on the ice is hanging on the wall of the kitchen.

Turning your photos into works of art

Even the smallest moments captured on camera can become magnificent works artwork, with the right tools. Decorating a large TV screen like The Frame with your travel photos can bring easy-to-miss details into view. And you can play with the different matte layout options on The Frame's Art Mode to showcase your masterpieces.

Two vacation pictures are displayed with matte layout and color filters from Samsung The Frame Art Mode as a unique way to display photos.
This is another example of displaying memorable vacation photo by using The Frame Art Mode.

See the world from a different angle with customizable frames.

A woman switches to Art Mode on The Frame, which is mounted on the wall of the living room, and it displays family vacation photos on the screen.
A smartphone is displaying Art Mode setting screen.
SmartThings App

Connect and share photos from screen to screen with ease.

Photos that transport you

Traveling can help us grow, escape, learn, or try new things. We keep mementos and take photographs of our travels to remind us of the experiences we had and to be able to share those moments with others. Put your new skills to good use and take unforgettable photos on your next trip. Exhibit your vacation album on a TV like The Frame to easily change the vibe of your home and turn the living room into your own gallery.

A smartphone is displaying Art Mode setting screen.
SmartThings App

Connect and share photos from screen to screen with ease.

* Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only.
The appearance and design specifications which do not affect product performance are subject to change without notice.
* Must download and install SmartThings app.
* Set-up process requires a Samsung Account. TV must have an internet connection for mobile set-up.
* iOS & non-Galaxy Android devices need to download SmartThings App for Ambient Mode setting on mobile phone.

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