See Your City Through the Galaxy Note8

Nov 20. 2017

Capture breathtaking photos of your city on the Galaxy Note8

See Your City Through the Galaxy Note8

In the age of social media, photography has become one of the most widespread and accessible means of sharing moments and expressing ourselves — and with smartphones, it is considered to be a creative outlet that’s virtually limitless. We carry our smartphones with us at all times, ready to capture the perfect moment, scene, or view whenever the opportunity arises; and for Samsung Galaxy Note8 users, it is now easier than ever to shoot breathtaking photos with lifelike clarity.

Urban photography in particular has taken social media outlets by storm in recent years, owing to the constant availability and advanced capabilities of smartphone cameras. Smartphone users not only want to capture the beauty of scenes around their cities, but they also want to share it with their loved ones in as much realistic detail as possible. With the Galaxy Note 8, it is now easier than ever to capture the beauty of your city in professional-grade photos. You can achieve these classic city photographs in striking detail and remarkable clarity every single time.

The Cityscape Silhouette
With its 12 MP dual pixel sensor, a bright F1.7 8 MP autofocus lens, and 1.4 µm large pixels, the camera on the Galaxy Note8 captures large-scale images with the same crisp detail of a close-up. Its wide-angle camera captures more light while focusing fast and accurately to shoot sharper and brighter photos, and live focus brings out the shapes of a cityscape against a blurred background. With the Galaxy Note8, you can capture stunning silhouette photos of your city’s skyline at any time of the day or night in clear, crisp detail.

The Abstract Close-Up
With 2X optical and 10X digital zooming capabilities, the Galaxy Note8’s camera captures clear, high-quality close-up shots. The telephoto lens uses the optics of the camera to make the subject appear closer without negatively affecting its proportions as digital zoom does, in turn producing professional-looking images without losing quality, even if the subject is far away. The Galaxy Note8 allows you to express your artistic side when photographing your favourite urban locales.

The Urban Portrait
The Galaxy Note8 captures exquisite portraits using dual camera technology and live focus to create the beautiful bokeh effect characteristic of advanced portraiture. Its two separate cameras work in tandem with their respective image sensors, so when you take a photo, the camera captures two separate images and combines them both to produce a clear, high-quality photograph with a greater depth of field. Then, live focus allows you to adjust the level of background blur to achieve the perfect portrait. With the Galaxy Note8, you can capture the life of the city in stunning, professional photographs.

Incorporating Samsung’s best-in-class dual camera with superior low light and zooming capabilities, the Galaxy Note8 is the ultimate device for taking photos that are crisp and clear and capture all the best scenes and views around your city. The Galaxy Note8 redefines mobile photography to maximise creative control and perfectly capture the urban moments you’ll want to remember.

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