Samsung Electronics Levant Inaugurates Smart Labs at Zaatari Refugee Camp

Sep 20. 2017

Collabouration between Samsung and Relief International to focus on the importance of education for children

Amman, Jordan (September 2017) – Samsung Electronics Levant announced the inauguration of its latest smart labs in cooperation with Relief International, to support education for Syrian refugees at Zaatari camp.

The inauguration of the smart labs stems from implementing Samsung’s strategy that aims to elevate education, utilising its technologies and expertise in the local communities it operates in, where the solutions and the devices Samsung offers will give the chance for the children to participate in interactive education, which will help the children in having a brighter future and discovering new limits for their abilities.

In this cooperation, Samsung rehabilitated 2 labs, equipped with the latest technology, in addition to transforming the land to a safe playground for children. Samsung smart labs are within Makani centres funded by UNICEF, which targets boys and girls aged between 5 and 24. These centres serve children who drop out and are not attending schools, encouraging them to enroll in formal education, and providing bridging education to those who struggle with formal schooling.

Mr. Changsup Lee, Samsung Electronics Levant President commented: “Being present in the local communities, obligates us to be an active member of the community. And despite the efforts that has been made to elevate education at Zaatari Camp, we still have to do more and we are excited for the cooperation with Relief International. With these smart labs capabilities, the children will have an equipped space to help them receive more entertaining methods of education and obtain life skills, which is of great importance to enrich their knowledge”.

“At Samsung, we believe in what technology can achieve, and technology is a source of inspiration for those kids who are in need to build a brighter future, to be able to innovate and enable them to build a normal life and prepare them for a more better and hopeful future”, he added.

At the smart labs, the children will receive various related technology topics that will help them to unleash their potential and creativity. The courses will include modern languages, social media, photography, filmmaking, art and painting.

Ms. Nancy Wilson, Relief International global CEO, is in Jordan for the handover, and observed: “We have already seen children who were disinterested in formal schooling become highly engaged in creative and meaningful projects in our social innovation labs. Based on that enthusiasm, many have found the desire to further their formal schooling as well, realizing that gives them tools to achieve their dreams. These smart labs will provide very powerful tools for them to be creative in more ways, increase their collabouration, and strive for even bigger dreams. And building more pathways for learning and hope is what we are all about.”

“We are proud to be partnering with Samsung on this leadership initiative,” she noted.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung Electronics Levant pays particular attention to education in the Levant region (Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq) through partnerships and projects aimed at focusing on youth’s role and development.


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