Samsung Hosts Technical Seminar on QLED TV During Samsung MENA Forum 2017 in Singapore

Mar 07. 2017
Samsung Hosts Technical Seminar on QLED TV During Samsung MENA Forum 2017 in Singapore

Amman, Jordan (March 2017) – Samsung Electronics Middle East and North Africa, the leading TV manufacturer in the world for 11 consecutive years, recently held a technical seminar at the Samsung MENA Forum in Singapore, which further explained the technology behind its latest premium line of QLED TVs. Speakers at the seminar expanded upon the latest innovations in Quantum dot technology, as well as Samsung’s introduction of a new, advanced industry calibration tool in partnership with Portrait Displays, who recently acquired SpectraCal.

The new tool is capable of demonstrating the superior colour volume rendering capacities of  QLED TV. Colour volume measures two elements of the TV – the colour gamut and the brightness level. The colour gamut looks at the amount of colours that can possibly be displayed, while peak brightness represents the maximum level of brightness of the display. The larger the colour gamut and the higher the brightness, the bigger the colour volume of the TV.

QLED TV expresses accurate colour and contrast due to the high efficiency of the Quantum dot. It boasts the highest level of colour volume on the market today at 100%, based on DCI-P3 standard. QLED TV received accreditation from the world-class testing and certification association, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE).

The enhanced auto-calibration tool is expected to become available simultaneously with Samsung’s 2017 QLED TV lineup. SpectraCal’s advanced auto calibration algorithms enable highly accurate calibration in a fraction of the time required by manual calibration using on-screen menus and remote controls.

In addition, with its impressive HDR technology, Samsung’s QLED TVs can achieve 1,500-2,000 nit brightness, delivering the most realistic and natural looking picture on-screen. This reflects the optimal level of brightness for the human eye, allowing for comfortable viewing in any environment. QLED TV also offers unparalleled levels of contrast in any scene, any setting and any viewing environment.

The 2017 QLED TV was designed with the consumer in mind, which heavily influenced the company’s focus areas in the development of new features and functionalities that work to address consumer pain points.

“Ultimately, we at Samsung want to ensure our consumers have the information they need in order to make the most informed decisions when it comes to purchasing a new TV,” said Mustafa Sadick, Regional Senior TV/AV at Samsung MENA Office. “This year, our key focus areas within picture quality include colour volume, contrast, viewing angle and dynamic metadata – all of which are complex topics. We hope the TV tech seminar resolved any questions that consumers may have had about QLED TV, while showcasing the benefits of this exciting technology from Samsung.”

The all-new QLED TV also boasts enhanced smart capabilities. This year, users will enjoy a seamless and personalised entertainment experience that starts with Samsung’s enhanced voice command capabilities. Users can also switch between channels through vocal commands in a number of ways – from saying the name of the progrem they want to watch, or even just saying the name of the genre. Also new in 2017, users can simply say the name of a third-party device, and the TV will automatically connect itself to the third-party system. Even OTT services and devices can be connected via voice command, giving users seamless access to the content they desire.

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