The Transition from Smart to Intelligent on Samsung’s QLED TV

Jun 18. 2018
Just as Samsung paved the way for the Smart TV, it is now ushering in the era of intelligent display with the latest lineup of QLED TVs.

In its 12 consecutive years as the world’s leading TV manufacturer, Samsung has pioneered a wide range of revolutionary TV innovations that have repeatedly redefined the ultimate viewing experience. From refined designs and technological developments to enhanced picture quality and smart features, its televisions have consistently introduced groundbreaking features that exceed consumer expectations and raise the bar even higher with each new launch. Among the most notable TV advancements this market-leading run was the introduction of the smart TV in 2008, which set new standards for what a TV could do.


Samsung’s first smart TV represented the birth of content-oriented televisions that could easily connect to the internet and USB devices, offering consumers more variety and flexibility with a seamless and intuitive user experience. Smart TVs sparked a trend in connected televisions; but Samsung remained at the forefront of innovation, continually introducing smart features that expanded the TV’s range of capabilities substantially. Its first smart TVs were characterized by revolutionary features like WiFi connectivity, USB connectivity, pre-loaded content libraries, and external device connection capabilities.  With time, photo and video sharing, app and content downloads, wireless connection with other devices, and On Demand content access all became key capabilities of Samsung’s smart TVs. What’s more, every iteration of the smart TV also boasted improvements in picture and sound quality, providing users with increasingly clearer and crisper images and details.


Throughout the evolution of the smart TV phenomenon, Samsung has led the way with consistent innovation and an ambitious vision for television functionality. In the same way, Samsung is once again reimagining what a TV can do today as it takes “smart” a step further and ushers in the era of intelligent display with the launch of its latest QLED TVs.


The 2018 lineup of QLED TVs from Samsung boasts enhanced connection and convenience features to truly maximize the viewing experience. One that truly differentiates Samsung’s TV uniqueness is the Ambient Mode, a novel solution that allows the TV to blend into the home environment harmoniously. With Ambient Mode, users are provided with useful information throughout the day – even when not actively used to watch movies or play games. In addition to the multitude of display options, such as time and weather, decorative images and a collage of your own photos - Ambient Mode can mimic the pattern on the wall behind the TV to create an astonishing visual effect in which the TV blends seamlessly into the wall. Further topping that off, the latest QLED TVs are also equipped with SmartThings, Samsung’s IoT platform hub that offers a simpler way to control the television and sync with other devices, truly revolutionizing and embedding intelligence into TVs.


From the invention of the first-ever smart TV to the continued introduction of game changing features year after year, Samsung has pioneered the smart TV revolution from the beginning. With its latest QLED TVs, Samsung is following the same suit, making the user experience even more interactive, intuitive, and intelligent than ever before. The transition from smart to intelligent is once again redefining the home entertainment experience, with Samsung’s latest QLED TV at its center.

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