Buy Galaxy S8|S8+ and get Gear VR and free VR content

Valid from Jun 01. 2017 to Jul 31. 2017 Expired
Oculus VR Promotion

With every Galaxy S8 | S8+ purchased until 31 July, you can get free Gear VR and 6 free Oculus games from the Gaming Pack or 8 free applications from the Entertainment Pack.


  • 1. Download Oculus
  • - Download the Oculus app on the Galaxy S8|S8+ by inserting the device on Gear VR and follow the voice guide to complete the installation process

  • 2. Receive Promotion Code
  • - Go to pre-downloaded Samsung Members app on the Galaxy S8|S8+ and click 'Benefits Tab'
    - Click 'Oculus Offer banner'
    - Download the coupon, copy the code number and follow the remaining steps to activate the free offer

  • 3. Redeem Bundle Offer
  • - Go to Oculus app
    - Click on More then, Settings
    - Click Redeem Code and enter the code collected from Samsung Members app
    - Select one of the bundle offers*: Game Bundle OR Entertainment Bundle
    * You can preview the application before confirming your selection

  • Terms & Conditions Apply