Gear S2: How to connect to the mobile before using it?

Last Update Date : Apr 09. 2018


To connect your Gear to a mobile device, install the Samsung Gear app on the mobile device.


                         gear manager 


Launch Galaxy Apps and search for Samsung Gear Manager or visit to download it.


Note: You cannot install the Samsung Gear app on the mobile devices that does not support Gear syncing. Ensure that your mobile device is compatible with Gear S2 device.




1. Turn on the Gear


2. On Apps screen, tap Samsung Gear.  If necessary, update the Samsung Gear app to the latest version.


    (2.2) PLEASE NOTE – on Some devices – e.g. Galaxy S6 Edge + (SM-G928F) the Gear Manager app may be preinstalled on the device in the apps screen “Tools” folder




4. When the Bluetooth pairing request window appears, confirm the passkeys displayed on your Gear and mobile device match.


    Then Tap OK (4.2).


gear s2



5. Read the Terms and Conditions on screen instructions and tick the check boxes .

    If completed, then tap DONE.


6. If you want to sign in to your Samsung account , tap SIGN IN. Or, If you want to sign at later, just tap SKIP.


7. When the devices are connected, the Samsung Gear app’s main screen will be displayed on

    the mobile device, and the Clock screen will be displayed on the Gear.


     gear face    


    An on-screen tutorial will appear on the Gear’s screen.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to learn the Gear’s basic controls.


    When you connect the Gear to another mobile device, the Gear will be reset automatically and all data will be removed from its memory. Make sure you make back up any important data stored in the Gear’s memory




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