COVID-19 information

The Global Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is an unprecedented moment, affecting almost every aspect of daily life. We know this situation has affected each of you differently and that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on our society.


Life has changed drastically, not just in the way we work, but also in the way we interact with others. In light of this unexpected and unprecedented adversity, we at Samsung remain relentlessly focused on redefining, innovating and enhancing indoor climate comfort. We believe that technology is our bridge to a bigger world, and will continue to be so in our changed reality.

We are endeavoring to protect the health and safety of all our employees, partners and customers, and minimize impact on our operations. We are closely monitoring updates on the situation from local and international health authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO). We are sharing updates regarding any changes to our operations first to employees and partners as the situation evolves and while considering information from local, European and global health organizations. While following legislation and guidance from local and international health authorities, we are continuously adjusting our operations to the new situation and are looking into new ways of serving and supporting our customers and partners as well as possible.


In this situation we, at Samsung, will keep working together with our partners, to co-create new and valuable experiences for our end-users. We are defiant optimists and true believers of the new possibilities our changed tomorrow will bring us, our partners and their customers. To support those who plan and install our products, we have set up alternative ways of working to ensure we keep offering the required support and service within the changed reality.

We sincerely thank every one of our employees for all they are doing, and, in particular, for the support they are providing to each other, to our partners and to our customers. To our customers and partners, we are grateful for your loyal support.

Information for installers

Our business support can help you plan for the future or look for ways to get the most out of your climate installation when you are open for business. Our specialists are available to advise on how to optimize the functioning of our installations and systems. We are delivering our products and are in contact with our logistic service providers about the measures they are taking based on guidance from authorities. Reach out to your local Samsung office to discuss how we can collaborate.