FJM, Vidējs statiskais spiediens Duct

Efficient and Silent
Efficient and Silent

The external static pressure control combines with the simplicity of the MSP Duct's design to guarantee an efficient and silent operation. This means that this innovative air conditioning system is suitable not only for a broad range of work environments, but also in domestic or recreational settings. The benefits of this unit’s outstanding performance can be enjoyed whether at work or play, and it causes such minimal disturbance that it is conducive for use at night-time when sleeping.

Large and Reliable Coverage Area with Static Pressure Control
Large and Reliable Coverage Area with Static Pressure Control

The MSP Duct design has the advantage of producing greater static pressure than most other slim duct units. This provides the opportunity of creating more inlets and outlets, benefiting users by offering a more flexible range of installation options. In turn, this results in larger and more reliable coverage areas, servicing more people with even more cool or warm air for longer.

  • Anti-virus Filter

    Anti-virus Filter

    The anti-virus filter lets businesses and their users benefit from cleaner air in their premises. This feature is specifically designed to keep local air free from dust particles and to minimise the spread of mould spores and harmful bacteria. This generates a more comfortable and safe environment for business users.

  • Easy Filter Cleaning

    Easy Filter Cleaning

    An automatic indicator signals when the filter is due for cleaning after 1,000 hours of operation. The duct design system means this is an extremely simple process which reduces maintenance time and the subsequent financial impact on your business. In addition, the timer can be adjusted on the internal printed circuit board, offering greater flexibility for maintenance.

  • Smart Pressure Control

    Smart Pressure Control

    Whatever the environment, our Smart Pressure Control System supplies users with consistent cooling and heating power. External Static Pressure (ESP) adjusts the unit's fan speed so that your ideal ambience is achieved with a quieter, more efficient operation.

  • Optional High Lift-up Drain Pump

    Optional High Lift-up Drain Pump

    Samsung ducted air conditioning technology includes the option of a high lift-up drain pump. This lifts condensed water up to 750mm compared with our competitors' 700mm limit. As a result, this system is more convenient because it allows users to be more flexible in terms of where they install the unit.

  • Funkcijas
    • Tips MSP DUCT
  • Modeļa nosaukums
    • Iekštelpu iekārta MH052FUEA
  • Barošanas avots (iekštelpu ierīce) [Φ, #, V, Hz]
    • 1, 2, 220 - 240, 50
  • Sistēma
    • Režīms Siltumsūknis
  • Kapacitāte
    • Dzesēšana [kW] 5,2 kW
    • Dzesēšana [Btu/h] 17700 Btu/h
    • Sildīšana [kW] 5,6 kW
    • Sildīšana [Btu/h] 19100 Btu/h
  • Jaudas ievade (nomināls)
    • Dzesēšana 1) [W] 170 W
    • Sildīšana 2) [W] 170 W
  • Strāvas ievade (nomināls)
    • Dzesēšana 1) 1,04 A
    • Sildīšana 2) 1,04 A
  • Ventilators
    • Tips Sirocco ventilators
    • Motors (jauda) [W] 124 x 1 W
    • Gaisma plūsma (augsta/vidēja/zema) [CMM] 16,3 / 15 / 13,5 CMM
    • Gaisma plūsma (augsta/vidēja/zema) [L/S] 271,67 / 250 / 225
    • Ārējais statiskais spiediens (min./std./maks.) [mmAq] 0 / 4 / 8 mmAq
    • Ārējais statiskais spiediens (min./std./maks.) [Pa] 0 / 39,23 / 78,45 Pa
  • Cauruļu savienojumi
    • Šķidruma caurule (Φ, mm) 6,35 mm
    • Šķidruma caurule (Φ, inch) 1/4"
    • Gāzes caurule (Φ, mm) 12,7 mm
    • Gāzes caurule (Φ, collas) 1/2"
    • Drenāžas caurule (Φ,mm) VP25 (OD 32, ID 25) mm
  • Vadojums
    • Strāvas avota vads 1,5 ~ 2,5
    • Pārraides kabelis 0,75 ~ 1,5
  • Dzesējošā viela
    • Tips R410A
    • Vadības metode EEV (ārējs)
  • Skaņa
    • Trokšņu spiediens 42 / 41 / 39 dBA
    • Trokšņu līmenis 59 dBA
  • Ārējie izmēri (iekštelpas ierīce)
    • Neto svars (kg) 29 kg
    • Transportēšanas svars (kg) 34 kg
    • Neto izmēri (P x A x Dz) (mm) 900 x 260 x 480 mm
    • Transportēšanas izmēri (P x A x Dz) (mm) 1,170 × 340 × 595 mm
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FJM, Vidējs statiskais spiediens Duct (MH052FUEA)



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