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Kimi and Iri’s
Illustrated Life

A #lookindepth at South Korea’s most creative couple.

Kimi and Iri displaying their digital illustration outside their studio and home.

Kimi and Iri (also known as the 12 of @kimi_and_12) took their creativity from their Samsung Laptop to the real world when they moved to Namhae and turned their studio into a replica of their famed Les Baguettes Hotel. Here’s sneak peek into their digital illustration creative process and how they use the S Pen to perfect their collaboration.

@kimi_and_12 and their digital illustration prints.

A creative collaboration

Famed for their nostalgic prints and bold colours, Kimi and Iri use illustration and painting to create the fanciful Les Baguettes Hotel world.

“We like to switch things up. Our style is still evolving.”


A close up shot of Kim Hee Eun painting in the studio
@kimi_and_12 relaxing outside their country studio

A blank canvas, for both their art and their home

When Kimi and Iri moved from cosmopolitan Seoul to isolated Namhae, they saw it as an opportunity to create their own visual world

A close up shot of Kimi painting in the Les Baguettes Hotel studio

Starting on paper

Their creative process begins with both of them brainstorming, then Kimi using poster and acrylic to bring their brainstorms to life.

Digital illustration by Kim Hee Eun

“Both of us were working with retro art styles when we first met. And look where we are today!”


Iri at work with a Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

Refining with digital

Iri uses the S Pen to refine Kimi’s hand-painted illustrations after scanning and transferring them to the Notebook 9 Pen.

"Because the S Pen is so slim and sensitive, it makes drawing exact...feeling the closest to drawing freehand."


Bring creativity to life

From first thoughts to final drafts, take your creative process to the next level with the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen.

Samsung Galaxy Book

Galaxy Book

A blue Galaxy Note10 S Pen standing on its point diagonally

Galaxy Note10 S Pen

Black Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 with a grey S Pen standing vertically to its left

Galaxy Tab S6

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