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Galaxy Z Fold2

Z-Fold2-MysticBronze-dynamic-GalleryImage-PC-img80 Z-Fold2-MysticBronze-dynamic-GalleryImage-MO-img80.jpg
Z-Fold2-MysticBlack-dynamic-GalleryImage-PC-img80 Z-Fold2-MysticBlack-dynamic-GalleryImage-MO-img80
Z-Fold2-Combo-GalleryImage-PC-img80 Z-Fold2-Combo-GalleryImage-MO-img80
Z-Fold2-MysticBronze-dynamic2-GalleryImage-PC-img80 Z-Fold2-MysticBronze-dynamic2-GalleryImage-MO-img80
Z-Fold2-MysticBlack-dynamic2-GalleryImage-PC-img80 Z-Fold2-MysticBlack-dynamic2-GalleryImage-MO-img80.jpg
front Mystic Bronze

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Samsung Care+

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Protects your device from accidental damage for up to two years.

Accidental damage, Worldwide cover, Repairs by genuine parts
Accidental damage, Worldwide cover, Repairs by genuine parts
Samsung Care+ Terms and Conditions
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