Inspiring the Future

Empowering students in STEM by bringing technology to the classroom

This is a picture of empowering students by bringing technology to the classroom

Every child has the potential to realize their dreams.

This is a picture of students who has inspired by Samsung smart school

We’ve reached over 1,400,000 students from 3,200+ schools across 93 countries and we’re not slowing down. In order to nurture our children’s dreams, we’re working hard to get our comprehensive education program and learning tools in front of as many students as possible. Our technology can support the ambitions and goals of students who want to create a brighter tomorrow. Because of that, we aim to do more than just teach, we strive to inspire.

This is a picture of students who has inspired by Samsung smart school

Smart School Program

<h3>Smart School Program and changes in education</h3> <ul> <li>Smart devices, content and solution, and teacher training are organically connected.</li> <li>Teacher led learning → Student led learning → Creative learning </li></ul>
  • Interactive Class

    Real-time sharing and monitoring through our tablets and PCs enable open communications and engaging learning environments.

  • Collaborative Activities

    Team activities, group assignments, and group discussions are supported seamlessly via tablets, helping create a spirit of teamwork among students.

  • Motivational Environment

    Teachers frequently measure students’ level of understanding lectures and their performance in tests and quizzes. Teachers also provide individual learning opportunities when necessary.

  • Digital Content

    Students can download the curriculum, textbooks and various materials (documents, photos, voice, recordings, videos, applications, and URLs) for each course, which ultimately help improve learning efficiency.


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