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How to take better photos in the dark?

When it comes to low light, a camera with a low aperture (f-number), means more light is captured when a shot is taken.
A longer shutter speed also allows your camera sensors to capture more light.

The Galaxy J Series phone cameras come with a low aperture, along with Multi-Frame Noise Reduction technology to ensure clarity even in low-light settings.

What's good about the dual camera?

The Galaxy J7+ has two cameras, a primary camera captures the image while the secondary adds clarity and records depth information, allowing for a background blur effect and better zoom capability.

Should I get a smartphone with a front or rear dual camera?

This really depends on your lifestyle and the type of shots you enjoy taking. If focusing on a main subject and blurring its background is what you are after, then you should opt for a dual rear camera.

Is a 20MP camera better than a 16MP one?

Beyond a certain threshold, the advantage of more megapixels become less significant. For example, pictures taken for social media, the range of 8MP to 16MP is optimal as the images are to be downsized or compressed, eliminating the need for higher megapixels.

Tell me about some of the Galaxy J7+ camera effects.

The Galaxy J7+ has a range of cool new features. From low aperture allowing it to perform superbly under low-light conditions to the "Selfie Focus" and "Live Focus" feature which applies a soft blurring effect to the background to add an artistic touch to your selfies and rear shots respectively.

Achieve flawless celebrity-like finishes with the beautifying modes and decorate your shots with AR stickers. The possibilities are endless in helping you achieve that perfect selfie.

Is the Live Focus (or Bokeh) adjustable after I’ve taken the shot?

With the Galaxy J7+ it is. After taking the shot, review the photo and you can adjust the intensity of the blur as well as change the subject to be focused on.

*Actual photos taken with the Galaxy J may appear different*Camera feature availability and descriptions provided herein may be different from the actual specifications is subject to the Galaxy J phone model