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Samsung's POWERstick PRO

Powerful suction to clean whatever you want

Powerful suction to clean whatever you want

150W of suction power*

Feel the power. The digital inverter motor rotates faster than the speed of a tornado**, and airfoil motor blades minimize air resistance to generate powerful suction. The Turbo Action Brush maximizes cleaning performance by driving bristles deep into carpet to remove small dust particles.

* Suction power tested on Samsung SS80N80**** based on IEC 60312-1 clause 5.8. Based on internal testing.
** Based on Fujita Tornado Damage Scale
150W of suction power

Ergonomically designed for easy use

Flex Handle

Clean those hard-to reach spots beneath your furniture with ease. The flex Handle's ergonomic design folds up to 50 degrees to reach lower areas, while reducing strain on your wrist and back.

Ergonomically designed for easy use

Longer battery time and lifespan

40 minutes battery time, up to 500 cycles

Keep cleaning with a powerful 32.4V lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 40 minutes1 of continuous suction that won't fade - even when using the specialist cleaning tools. The redesigned battery runs over 500 cycles 2 while maintaining up to 60% it's original capacity.


A complete cleaning solution

Samsung POWERstick Pro HEPA Filtration

HEPA Filtration

Breathe easier and reduce risk of allergic reactions. The advanced HEPA Filtration system keeps over 99.9% of micro-dust from releasing back into the air during cleaning.

Samsung POWERstick Pro detachable battery

Removable Power Pack Battery

Double your cleaning time without recharging. Simply remove the 32.4V Removable Power Pack Battery, replace it with a spare3 and extend your cleaning time to a total of up to 80 minutes.

Samsung POWERstick Pro EZclean brush

EZClean Dustbin & Brush

Cleaning your vacuum is quick and hygienic with EZClean Technology. Remove dust, debris, and even tangled long hairs without a hassle. The EZClean Brush detaches easily from the drum for fast clean up.

1 Tested on the handheld in Normal Mode. Results may vary depending on floor types and usage. Based on internal testing.

2 Maintains 80% capacity after 5 years of use at 100 cycles/year. 1 cycle: total use of battery from a full charge. Results may vary depending on usage. Based on internal testing.

3 Additional batteries available for purchase