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Make your Galaxy Battery
take you through all-day

What kind of battery is in Galaxy?

Long-lasting, High-quality Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Battery


Galaxy showcases an integrated state-of-the-art, Li-ion battery that is both lightweight and long-lasting. It has the power to keep going all day long.

Does lithium-ion battery wear out?

Consumable with a limited lifespan


 Li-ion battery is a consumable, and its lifespan is affected by the usage patterns and environments. Find out how to use it wisely for a longer period of time.

3 tips to maximize your Galaxy’s battery life

Check out some simple-yet-significant tips

to keep the device powered on all day!


No more running out of juice! Disable unused apps

A general rule of thumb for energy saving,

turn off or close apps that aren’t in use.

Some of the apps are likely to be a huge battery hog – so close and disable unused apps that deplete your battery.

Close unused background apps


Enjoy battery that lasts longer and display that reduces eye-strain

High display brightness will increase battery drain. Adjust screen brightness or set a Dark mode to reduce battery usage and be more comfortable on the eyes.



1. Open 'Display' tab in 'Settings' then adjust

'Brightness' or enable 'Dark mode'.

Adjust display settings


Get the most out of your battery with Power saving mode

Have you ever experienced low battery anxiety

while being stuck in a traffic jam?

In that case, turn on the Power saving mode.

It will automatically adjust your Galaxy settings to make your battery last longer in critical situations.



1. Access to 'Battery and device care' tab in

'Settings' then tap 'Battery'. Manage 'Power saving options' from 'Power saving mode' tab.

Enable Power saving mode

+ What does Power saving mode do?

※ Background network usage, syncing and location checking will be limited when 'Power saving mode' is enabled.

Check your battery’s status quo

If you are frequently experiencing drastic decreases in battery life or any other battery-related issues, follow the procedure below to check your battery’s status quo.


Battery check-up at ease using Automatic checks

Check your battery status and optimize its usage in seconds using the Samsung Members app’s Automatic checks.

1. Open 'Get help' in 'Samsung Members' app, then
tap 'Automatic checks'.

Single-touch Battery check


Diagnosis your battery’s lifespan via Interactive checks

Before visiting the Samsung service center,

check your Galaxy’s battery life at ease using the Samsung Members app’s Interactive checks.

If you are continuously experiencing battery related issues, visit the nearest service center to have your Galaxy device checked in detail.



1. Open 'Get help' in 'Samsung Members' app.

2. Tap 'Interactive Checks' then choose the battery icon to check battery power and life.

Find out battery life

The lifespan of batteries are affected by the
usage patterns and environments.
Get the best out of your Galaxy’s battery in
everyday usage with simple habits.

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This content is developed based on Galaxy Note20 (Android version 11, One UI version 3.0). Availability of the features, how to steps, or user interfaces may vary depending on the device, OS/One UI version, and country, and subject to change without notification.