How to fully utilize Samsung Members Community

Connect with Samsung Members Community
where you can engage, interact
and discuss your favorites of Galaxy.

Explore your new hub for all things Samsung and beyond with real users’ tips & tricks.


What is Samsung Members Community all about?

Having questions for your device?

Browsing for exclusive events?

Here’s the guide to enrich your experience at Samsung Members Community that you’ve been looking for!


Want to get connected with other users?

Interact with Galaxy users by making ‘Comments’ or 'Likes’ on their posts. Also, try communicating via ‘Direct message.’


Love to explore your device more in depth?

Learn helpful tips & tricks from real Galaxy users’ that are hard to find elsewhere!


Any questions while using your device?

Choose a specific category and explain your issue! Moderator or other users will help you to provide specific support through comments.


Ready to explore more activities?

A great way to enrich your Galaxy experience is to participate in various events and promotions!


5 key features recommended by real users

Samsung Members users highlighted some of the favorite features that you can enjoy more!

Check out firsthand what makes Samsung Members Community so special.

1. Improved search efficiency with ‘Category’ and ‘Label’

When writing a post in forum, set a category to effectively refine your interest.

Also, find tips and reviews hassle-free by using Labels feature on Category!

2. Unmissable tips at a glance from ‘Recommended posts’

Don’t miss out on useful posts and keep up with breaking brand news.

3. Crowd-source solutions from ‘Moderators’ and ‘Samsung Makers’

Ask Galaxy-related issue, and get solved by other expert users or Samsung Makers. Plus, click on ‘Accept solution’ for who made an effort to solve your problem!

4. Adding more joy by earning ‘Badges’

Be more active on the community and create your own treasure trove! You can gain more badges by posting more often, liking others’ posts and sharing your know-hows!

5. One-on-one conversation in real time via ‘Direct message’

Try newly added ‘Direct message.’ Communicate easily, privately and conveniently with other users.

Share your creative insight and tips
with supportive Galaxy users.
Samsung Members wouldn’t be the same
without its Community.

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*The functions and features available for Samsung Members may vary by country.

※ Images shown are for illustration purposes only.
※ This content is developed based on Galaxy S21+ (Android version 11, One UI version 3.1).
Availability of the features, how to steps, or user interfaces may vary
depending on the device model, OS/One UI version, country,
and subject to change without notification.