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Sleep better with your Galaxy Watch4
and Galaxy S22+ 5G

Finding it difficult to get a good night’s rest? The Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy S22 Series 5G can help you improve the way you sleep!

Simply wear your Galaxy Watch4 to bed and keep your phone close by. When you awake, you’ll be able to view a comprehensive range of sleep insights.

  Sleep score

Tells you how long you spent sleeping.

  Sleep time

Shows your sleep time in hours and minutes, as well as your calories burned.

  Sleep stage

Gives you a breakdown of how long you spent in various sleep stages, including Awake, REM, Light and Deep sleep cycles.

  Blood oxygen during sleep

Shows your blood oxygen percentage.

  Snore detection

Shows the amount of time you spent snoring.

Start tracking your sleep tonight!

Here’s how to activate Blood oxygen tracking:

Follow these steps to activate Snore detection:

Check out how to view the sleep insights on your phone here:

You’re all set for a good night’s rest!