Save up to RM3,000 as Samsung offers March More Great Deals!

Mar 06. 2017
march more tv promo

Kuala Lumpur – 6th March, 2017 – Among all the electronics products you own at home, the television is that one innovation we live for years before getting an upgrade and with the rapid advancements of technology, TVs can do so much more now than ever before. So if your TV is older than 6 years, perhaps it is time for an upgrade as Samsung Malaysia Electronics brings you the March More’ promotion which offers savings up to RM3,000 and free soundbars on selected Smart TV models!

“As a brand that innovates to enrich lives, our vision is to bring innovations that offer convenience and value to the people. Our customers have been true blue fans and we want to take this opportunity to reward them for their continuous support by offering continuous deals,” said Jimmy Tan, Head of Consumer Electronics Business Unit of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

In the past, purchasing a good TV would mean spending a huge sum. But not anymore as you can now get better quality TVs for the same amount you would have spent years ago. Over the years, the picture quality of Samsung TVs have evolved from standard definition to ultra-high definition with the ability to produce 64 times more colours and is now 30 percent brighter. You can now experience cinematic picture quality all in the comfort of your own home!

The Samsung Smart TVs also allows you access to unlimited TV entertainment at your fingertips as TVs have upgraded from free-to-air and pay TV to a vast variety of content streaming of today using the Samsung Smart Hub. And to top it all, multiple remote controls cluttering your living room space is now a thing of the past with the Samsung one remote which consolidates all devices to one single remote. You no longer need to struggle to find that one right remote for your TV!

So what are you waiting for? Running from 1st March 2017 – 30th April 2017, Samsung’s ‘March More’ campaign offers great value on selected smart TV models with superior picture quality, unlimited Smart TV content and multi-functional one remote control. Additionally, to compliment it’s immersive cinematic experience, each purchase of the 78-inch KS9000 SUHD TV entitles you a free HW-K950 Atmos soundbar worth RM5,999.

Don't miss out on the 'March More’ promotion and visit your nearest Samsung authorized retail outlet today to purchase. For more information on the ‘March More’ promotion, please visit

Terms and conditions apply. Promotion is valid while promotional stocks last. Promotion price is inclusive of GST.

Samsung Smart TV Models Available:

Model RRP (RM) Promo Price (RM) Promotion
UA78KS9000 39,999 39,999 Free gift of Atmos Soundbar
HW-K950/XM (worth RRP RM 5,999)
UA65KS9000 21,999 18,999 (RM 3,000 off RRP) + Free gift of
HW-J7501R/XM (worth RRP RM 2,499
UA65KU6300 9,999 8,399 (RM 1,600 off RRP)
UA65KU6500 12,999 9,999 (RM 3,000 off RRP) +
Purchase With Purchase
(Curved Soundbar) HW-J6001R (worth RRP RM 1,799) for RM1
UA55KS7500 9,999 6,999 (RM 3,000 off RRP)
UA55K6300A 4,799 3,399 (RM 1,400 off RRP)
UA49K6300A 3,299 2,599 (RM 700 off RRP)
UA65KU6000 8,999 6,499 (RM 2,500 off RRP)
UA55KU6000 5,499 4,099 (RM 1,400 off RRP)
UA50KU6000 3,999 3,199 (RM 800 off RRP)