Mana Box TVC


What is ManaBox?

- It’s a mobile game and rewards platform developed for

1. Use Mana Tapes to catch Mana Boxes.

2. Unbox the Mana Boxes to collect Mana Coins.

3. Use Mana Coins to redeem real world rewards


How do I get ManaBox?

1. Download the game from your Google Play Store or Apple App store.

2. Log in to play.

3. Use Mana Tapes to catch Mana Boxes.

4. Unbox the Mana Boxes to collect Mana Coins.

5. Use Mana Coins to redeem real world rewards.

Who can I contact if I need help?

- For any help and support, you may contact us at  and we will get back to you within 5 working days.

Is there an age limit for this game?

- If you are a person under the age of 18 years of age, you may not play ManaBox unless your parent or legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to the Term of Use and they have agreed to supervise you and assume all risks associated with playing the game.

Where can I go to find out more about this game?

- You are able to find out more about this game from



How many boxes can I catch at once?

- You can catch as many boxes as possible in your current catch screen.

What are the differences between the different coloured tapes? 


What are the differences between the different coloured boxes?


Where can I find the AR Scanner from Samsung Experience Stores?

- You can find them at all Samsung Experience Stores around Malaysia and many more partnering stores.


What can I do with Mana Coins?

- You can use Mana Coins to purchase in-app game upgrades, Mana Tapes and/or rewards to be redeemed in the real world.


What do I do with Unboxer Upgrade Parts?

- Unboxer upgrade parts allow you to upgrade your unboxer. With an upgraded unboxer, you will get unboxing benefits and multipliers.


How do I upgrade the unboxer?

- By purchasing or attaining unboxer upgrade parts.


I can’t see any Mana Boxes to catch. What do I do?

Reload the application or go back to Home and wait 5 minutes before hitting play again.



How do I get real rewards from the game?

- You can redeem real world rewards by purchasing them from the Store tab or obtaining them from special boxes. Redemptions are subject to Terms and Conditions.


How many real rewards can I claim a day?

- You can redeem as many rewards as you can in a day however, users are limited to two (2) of the same rewards per ManaBox account. All rewards are subject to individual terms and conditions which can be found in the description of the rewards in the game.


How do I redeem a real reward once I’ve purchased it from the store?

- Real rewards can be redeemed at respective reward retailer’s outlets/ websites/ app subjected to Terms and Conditions.

- Redemption mechanics across real world rewards are the same unless stated otherwise. An authorised individual of the participating retailer would help you swipe your reward for redemption. If there is no confirmation from an authorised individual, the reward redemption will not be valid and will be considered void.

- If you encounter a real reward which shows a voucher code during redemption, follow the necessary instructions in order to redeem your real reward.


My rewards cannot be claimed. What is happening?

- There could be a few possibilities that lead to this scenario as per below:

   1. All allocation of the particular reward that you are trying to redeem may have already depleted.

   2. Your internet connection may be unstable. Check to see if your internet connection is stable and try again.

   3. Your voucher has been redeemed already.

   4. You have depleted the allocation per user of that particular reward(s), if so, do continue playing ManaBox and keep a lookout for more amazing rewards!

   5. You may want to check if you are logged in or have registered an account with ManaBox. If you do not have an account, you would not be able to purchase real world rewards through the ManaBox application.



Why are the character names named as such?

- Character names are given based on their looks, likes, and dislikes. The names are descriptive of the characters personalities.


What do the emojis below the characters represent?

- These emojis represent the characters’ likes and dislikes.


Technical Questions

- The requirements to play ManaBox:

- For Android, you need:

● Quad-Core CPU

● Memory 1-2GB RAM

● Android Version: 6.0 or newer

● Gyroscope Sensors

- For iOS, you need:

● Dual Core CPU

● 1.2GB RAM (dependent on size)

● iOS Version 9+


What devices support AR mode?

- Only devices have Gyroscope Sensors support AR mode.


Why does my game keep freezing/crashing?

- Have you updated your game? If not, maybe try reinstalling the game. However, it could be a device issue. For any help and support in regards to technical issues, you may contact us at


The game is not loading. What do I do?

- If you experiencing issues with the game loading, please check your internet connection. Try to reconnect to your closest WIFI or data service. Alternatively, try shutting down all other running programs, as this can affect the game's performance.



I cannot seem to log in to my account.

- Are you connected to the internet? Try reconnecting to the internet and try launching Manabox again. If you forgot your password, you may retrieve your password by interacting with the Forgot Password within the app itself on the log in page.


I registered with the wrong email address.

- Users are not allowed to change email addresses once they have registered.


I forgot my password.

- You may retrieve your password by interacting with the Forgot Password within the app itself on the log in page.