Galaxy S10 Trade up Programme

Valid from Mar 08. 2019 to Apr 30. 2019
Samsung Malaysia Galaxy S10 trade-up


Three easy steps

to own a new Samsung Galaxy S10

Three easy steps to own a new Samsung Smartphone


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Terms & Conditions

Samsung Galaxy S10 Trade-Up Campaign (“Campaign”) Terms & Conditions


Customers can trade in their old hand phones (“Devices”) at a value specified by Ingram Micro Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Ingram Micro”); and set-off that value to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10 within the same transaction at participating Samsung authorized dealers & partners (“Participating Dealers”) from 8th March – 30th April 2019.

Customer is only entitled to one (1) time trade up for Samsung Galaxy S10 when they trade in one (1) unit of eligible device. For voidance of doubt, Customer is not entitled to participate for the promotion of RM1,000 rebate off the 2nd unit of Samsung Galxy S10.



The Samsung Galaxy S10 Trade-Up Campaign (“Campaign”) will run from 8th March – 30th April 2019 during operation hours of selected outlets (Malaysian time) (“Campaign Period”) at the Participating Outlets and at Consumer Launch Roadshows. Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn. Bhd. (hereinafter referred to as “Samsung”) shall reserve the right to shorten or extend the Campaign Period at its sole discretion without any prior notice.



This Campaign is open to all Malaysian and non-Malaysian residing in Malaysia, aged 18 years and above (as at 8th March 2019), except the employees (and their immediate families) of Samsung, their affiliates and/or related companies, distributors, retailers, advertising and Campaign agencies. In the event the consumer is below 18 years old, please seek consent from parent/guardian before participating in this Campaign. Participation by consumers under 18 years old will be deemed to be accompanied with consent by the parent/guardian.

The Customer must have obtained the device by legal means and is not trading in lost or stolen device. In the circumstances that it is shown that the device was stolen or was not obtained by legal means, Ingram Micro Malaysia reserves the right to deliver the device and your personal details to the authorities.


Eligible Devices for Trade in

The following devices can be traded in by a customer at a value specified by Ingram Micro subject to the Terms and Conditions stated below:-

1APPLEIPHONE 6 16GB25020013787
2APPLEIPHONE 6 32GB300240165105
3APPLEIPHONE 6 64GB350280192122
4APPLEIPHONE 6 128GB400320220140
5APPLEIPHONE 6 PLUS 16GB350280192122
6APPLEIPHONE 6 PLUS 64GB450360247157
7APPLEIPHONE 6 PLUS 128GB500400275175
8APPLEIPHONE 6S 16GB350280192122
9APPLEIPHONE 6S 32GB400320220140
10APPLEIPHONE 6S 64GB500410297207
11APPLEIPHONE 6S 128GB550450325225
12APPLEIPHONE 6S PLUS 16GB450360247157
13APPLEIPHONE 6S PLUS 32GB500400275175
14APPLEIPHONE 6S PLUS 64GB600490352242
15APPLEIPHONE 6S PLUS 128GB650530380260
16APPLEIPHONE 7 32GB700560385245
17APPLEIPHONE 7 128GB800640440280
18APPLEIPHONE 7 256GB900720495315
19APPLEIPHONE 7 PLUS 32GB850680467297
20APPLEIPHONE 7 PLUS 128GB950760522332
21APPLEIPHONE 7 PLUS 256GB1100880605385
22APPLEIPHONE 8 64GB12501000687437
23APPLEIPHONE 8 256GB13501080742472
24APPLEIPHONE 8 PLUS 64GB15001200825525
25APPLEIPHONE 8 PLUS 256GB16001280880560
26APPLEIPHONE X 64GB18001440990630
27APPLEIPHONE X 256GB210016801155735
28APPLEIPHONE XR 64GB220017601210770
29APPLEIPHONE XR 128GB240019201320840
30APPLEIPHONE XR 256GB265021201457927
31APPLEIPHONE XS 64GB2900232015951015
32APPLEIPHONE XS 256GB3300264018151155
33APPLEIPHONE XS 512GB3650292020071277
34APPLEIPHONE XS MAX 64GB3300264018151155
35APPLEIPHONE XS MAX 256GB3600288019801260
36APPLEIPHONE XS MAX 512GB4200336023101470
37HUAWEIHONOR 10400320220140
38HUAWEIHUAWEI MATE 9400340265205
40HUAWEIHUAWEI MATE 10650520357227
41HUAWEIHUAWEI MATE 10 PRO850680467297
42HUAWEIHUAWEI MATE 2013001040715455
43HUAWEIHUAWEI MATE 20 PRO200016001100700
44HUAWEIHUAWEI P9300260210170
45HUAWEIHUAWEI P9 PLUS450380292222
46HUAWEIHUAWEI P10350280192122
47HUAWEIHUAWEI P10 PLUS450360247157
48HUAWEIHUAWEI NOVA 2i20016011070
50HUAWEIHUAWEI NOVA 3i350280192122
51HUAWEIHUAWEI P20850680467297
52HUAWEIHUAWEI P20 PRO1000800550350
53VIVOVIVO NEX18001440990630
54VIVOVIVO V11750600412262
55VIVOVIVO V11i550440302192
56VIVOVIVO V9450360247157
57VIVOVIVO V7300240165105
58VIVOVIVO V7 Plus350280192122
59VIVOVIVO X21650520357227
60OPPOOPPO A7350280192122
61OPPOOPPO A3720016011070
62OPPOOPPO FIND X14501160797507
63OPPOOPPO R17 PRO14001120770490
64OPPOOPPO R15 PRO700560385245
65OPPOOPPO R9s300240165105
66OPPOOPPO R9s Plus550440302192
67OPPOOPPO F9500400275175
68OPPOOPPO F7400320220140
69OPPOOPPO F7 128GB550440302192
70SAMSUNGGALAXY A6 (2018)300240165105
72SAMSUNGGALAXY A825020013787
75SAMSUNGGALAXY A9350280192122
76SAMSUNGGALAXY A9 PRO450360247157
77SAMSUNGGALAXY C9 PRO400320220140
78SAMSUNGGALAXY J6300240165105
79SAMSUNGGALAXY J7 PRO300240165105
81SAMSUNGGALAXY J8400320220140
82SAMSUNGGALAXY NOTE 5600530442372
83SAMSUNGGALAXY NOTE 81050840577367
84SAMSUNGGALAXY NOTE 9 (128GB)16501320907577
85SAMSUNGGALAXY NOTE 9 (512GB)200016001100700
87SAMSUNGGALAXY S7500450387337
89SAMSUNGGALAXY S8900730517347
90SAMSUNGGALAXY S8 PLUS1050850600400
91SAMSUNGGALAXY S91200960660420
92SAMSUNGGALAXY S9 PLUS (64GB)15001200825525
93SAMSUNGGALAXY S9 PLUS (128GB)16001280880560
94SAMSUNGGALAXY S9 PLUS (256GB)17001360935595

Grade A

All parts of trade-in device are in good working conditions, including but not limited to the following:-

• Housing - No Dent, No Peeling, No Crack & No Open Gap

• Home Button - No Scratches, No Peeling, No Crack & No Open Gap

• LCD Screen - No Fine Line Crack, No Dead Pixel, No Shadow & No Discolored

Full 100% of Residual Value Ingram Trade In Price


Grade B

All parts of trade-in device are in good working conditions, SAVE AND EXCEPT the following conditions are allowed:-

• Housing - Minor Dent/Peeling/Scratches

• Screen Display - Minor Dent/Peeling/Scratches

• Home Button - Minor Dent/Peeling/Scratches

Less 20% off Residual Value Ingram Trade In Price


Grade C

All parts of trade-in device are in good working conditions, SAVE AND EXCEPT the following conditions are allowed:-

• Camera Lens Crack  but camera in working condition and can take clear picture/video

• Screen Display/Housing/Home Button with Major Dent/Peeing/Scratches

• LCD Screen in working condition but with Screen/Back Glass Cover with single Fine Line Crack only

Less 45% off Residual Value Ingram Trade In Price


Grade D

All parts of trade-in device are in good working conditions, SAVE AND EXCEPT the following conditions are allowed:-

• LCD Display LCD Screen in working condition but Shadow/Discoloured/Pink Frame/Yellow Frame

Less 65% Off Residual Value Ingram Trade In Price


Note: * All trade-in devices must fulfil the Criteria (as defined below) set out by Ingram Micro. Trade-In Value varies accordingly to the model and condition of the device. 


Participating Outlets

The Campaign is available to all nationwide Samsung Experience Stores (SES) & participating Samsung authorized dealers & partners (collectively referred to as “Dealers”). 

Samsung Experience Stores

Samsung Authorised Dealers

Also available at our partners below:


Terms and Conditions

            a) This Campaign is NOT applicable to the following:

  • Dealers and their immediate family members

  • Resellers and their immediate family members 

    b)    To be eligible for the Trade-Up Campaign, the customer acknowledges that their device must meet the following criteria set out by Ingram Micro (“Criteria”): 

  1. Device is  able to power ON and OFF; can properly charge; read IMEI; can use with all Malaysia Telco SIM Card;

  2. Device must have Wi-Fi connectivity (applicable to IPhone, Android); able to call IN and OUT; properly factory reset;

  3. Display screen should be functional; free from cracks; free from damaged pixels; free from  discolouration and free from water damage;

  4. The housing component is intact and there no gaps between the housing and screen; Housing, Casing and cover has , major damage; no crack; no missing button and buttons are functioning;

  5. Device must consist of genuine parts;

  6. Device must not be a clone set; iCloud, Find my Phone (applicable to iPhone) Samsung ID and Phone lock must be removed;

  7. The finger print feature of the device is in working condition; and

  8. For any Samsung device that is traded in, the device must be bought or purchased in Malaysia.


    c)     One customer is only entitled to enjoy one (1) time promotion with the aforesaid Trade-In Value off RRP for Samsung S10 when they trade in 1 unit of eligible device.  Trade-In Value is not redeemable for cash and not exchangeable/transferable. This Campaign may be combined with other offers, such as Easy Payment Plan and PWP accessories. 

    d)    The Customer is responsible for the removal of any memory card, SIM card and the back-up and/or erases all the personal and confidential information and data in the device that is traded in under this Campaign.

    e)     The Campaign is valid during the Campaign Period only and the Customers must trade in their old device at the time of purchasing Samsung S10 in the same transaction and on the same day only. By participating in this Campaign, consumer fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts the Terms and Conditions stated herein and decisions of Samsung.

    f)    Customers are required to complete Ingram Micro’s Trade In Voucher and are advised:-

  1. to remove any SIM card or memory card from the Trade In Device; and

  2. to complete a factory reset and/or security wipe to ensure the Customer’s personal and confidential information and data, including but not limited to applications, contracts and personal data, personal information, photos, videos, messages and/or passwords in the Trade In Device (“Personal Information”) are removed, erased or deleted from the Trade In Device.

    g)    Samsung is not liable in any way for any costs, expenses, damages, liability or injury arising out of or in any way connected with the Campaign.

    h)    Samsung shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for personal injury which is suffered or sustained, as a result of participating in the Campaign.

    i)    Samsung shall not be liable for any compensation or reimbursement due to the unavailability of the stocks stated and/or any costs and expenses including but not limited to transportation, logistics and accommodation howsoever incurred by consumer in participating the Campaign.

    j)    Samsung reserves the right to alter, extend or terminate the Campaign and amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any disputes in connection with the Campaign, the decision of Samsung shall be final.

    k)    Warranty of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is subject to standard product warranty coverage as per terms and conditions stated in the official corporate website at Customer is advised to check the website from time to time and stay informed for any changes on the terms and conditions of the warranty.

    l)    During the Campaign Period, Samsung and/or Ingram Micro may collect consumers information including personal information in the Trade-in Vouchers and any other forms (whether on our own or by appointed service provider) taken during the Campaign.

    m)    By providing Customer’s personal data, Customer is indicating that he/she has read, understood and agreed that his/her personal data will be recorded, stored or otherwise processed in accordance to Samsung's Privacy Policy available at or Ingram Micro’s privacy policy (as may be applicable).

    n)    Customer shall be responsible for the removal of any memory card, SIM card and the back-up and/or removal of all the Personal Information in the trade in Device. Under no circumstances shall Samsung be responsible for the removal of Personal Information from the trade in Device and shall not be liable for any loss or use of any Personal Information from the said device. 

    o)    These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Malaysia and disputes directly or indirectly arising from these Terms and Conditions and/or this offer shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.