Terms & Conditions

Samsung Malaysia Terms & Conditions

The Promotion 

1.        Every user who purchases the Samsung Galaxy S9 and/or Samsung Galaxy S9+ and is entitled to receive 1,500 Samsung Rewards points after activating Samsung Pay, Bixby and Samsung Members on the Offer Period.


2.       The 1,500 Samsung Rewards points will be evenly distributed amongst the three participating Samsung Galaxy apps:

-         Samsung Pay (500 Samsung Rewards Points)

-         Bixby (500 Samsung Rewards Points)

-         Samsung Members (500 Samsung Rewards Points)


General Info

1.            Timing. This promotion begins on 16 March 2018 at 9.00 a.m. and ends on 30 April 2018 at (11.59 p.m.) (the “Offer Period”) or when 3,000 individuals are awarded during this Offer Period. Samsung’s server is the official time-keeping device for this Promotion.


2.           Organizer. This contest is organized by Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn. Bhd. (“Samsung”).


3.           Eligibility. This Promotion is open to individuals who:

(a)         Are residents of Malaysia (including Malaysian and/or non-Malaysian) and:

 i.           Aged 18 years and above as stated on their NRIC/Passport (as of 9 March 2018); or

 ii.         Children aged 13 years and above but have not attained 18 years of age as stated on their NRIC/Passport (as of 9 March 2018). In the event the children is below 18 years old, please seek consent from parent/guardian before participating in this Promotion. Participation by consumers under 18 years old will be deemed to be accompanied with consent by the parent/guardian.


(b)        Uses Samsung Galaxy S9 and/or Samsung Galaxy S9+.


(c)        Have registered for a valid Samsung Account ID.  Samsung Accounts are free, but subject to Terms and Conditions. If you do not have a Samsung Account, visit account.samsung.com and follow the links and instructions to create an account. 


4.          How to Earn the Rewards. During the Offer Period:

(a)        To receive 500 Samsung Rewards Points from Samsung Pay, each individual must:                             

i.           Activate Samsung Pay with a valid Samsung Account.

ii.          Tap on the promotion banner, click on “Join Now” and agree with the Terms and Conditions.

iii.         Add ONE (1) payment card on their Samsung Galaxy S9 and/or Samsung   Galaxy S9+.                           

iv.         Make ONE (1) payment transaction via Samsung Pay.                          

v.          The Samsung Rewards Points will then be credited into the individual’s Samsung Rewards account. 


(b)        To receive 500 Samsung Rewards Points from Bixby, each individual must:                             

i.           Activate Bixby with a valid Samsung Account.                            

ii.          Tap on the promotion banner and agree with the Terms and Conditions within Bixby which will direct individuals to Samsung Rewards.                           

iii.         Upon direction to Samsung Rewards, individuals will automatically be granted the Samsung Rewards Points.


(c)        To receive 500 Samsung Members Points from Samsung Members, each individual must:                             

i.           Activate Samsung Members with a valid Samsung Account.                            

ii.          Tap on the promotion banner within Samsung Members which will direct individuals to a form.                           

iii.         Fill in the form and submit.                          

iv.         The Samsung Rewards Points will then be credited into the individual’s Samsung Rewards account. 


(d)        The Samsung Rewards Points earned will only be credited ONCE per each Samsung Account regardless of the amount of eligible devices attached to the Samsung Account.


(e)        Individuals must have Samsung Pay and Samsung Rewards activated with a valid Samsung Account in order to be eligible for the points redemption from Bixby and Samsung Members.


(f)         In order to fully receive the full amount of 1,500 Samsung Rewards Points in ONE (1) Samsung Rewards account, the Samsung Account used by individuals on Samsung Pay, Samsung Members and Bixby must be ONE (1) account with the similar Samsung Account ID and email address in all applications. Individuals are responsible for the management of their Samsung Accounts tied to their applications.. Samsung shall not be responsible if the Individuals will not be able to redeem their Samsung Rewards Points if there is any discrepancy in the Samsung Accounts registered in the applications. For avoidance of doubt, individuals are encouraged to ensure that their Samsung Account created is of the similar Samsung Account ID and email address in all applications. 


(g)        Only ONE(1) redemption across all applications (Samsung Pay, Samsung Members and Bixby) is allowed per device.


5.           Accrued Points Viewable in Each Individual’s Rewards Account.

(a)         The number of points collected by each individual will be tracked in the individual’s Samsung Rewards Account. However, each individual will have the responsibility of ensuring that his/her Points are properly credited. Any claim for Points not credited accurately must be received by Samsung within SEVEN (7) working days of the day of claimed accrual of such Points. Manual issuance of Points can take up to SIXTY working (60) days.


(b)         The Samsung Rewards Points received from Samsung Members will only be credited after SEVEN (7) working days from the date of the form submission on Samsung Members.


(c)         Samsung reserves the right to invalidate Points from an individual’s Samsung Rewards Account if it determines that such Points were improperly credited or obtained fraudulently.


(d)        Samsung reserves the right to require proof of accrual of Points and Samsung reserves the right to delay the processing or redemption of any Samsung Rewards Points without notice to individuals in order to assure compliance with the Terms and Conditions.


(e)        Samsung reserves the right at its discretion to approve or reject any application and/or supporting documents submitted to Samsung which are not legible are fraudulent. For the avoidance of doubt, Samsung reserves the right, as it deems fit to determine if the supporting documents are sufficiently legible or genuine. 


(f)        Individuals are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their Samsung Rewards Accounts and passwords and for restricting access to their Devices and activity on their Samsung Rewards Account, and individuals agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under their Samsung Rewards Account.


(g)       Individuals who participate in this Promotion are subject to the Terms and Conditions or any policies or procedures that Samsung may adopt or modify from time to time.


6.          Other Terms and Conditions

(a)        By participating in this Promotion, each individual is communicating with Samsung electronically. By doing so, each individual agrees to receive communications from Samsung electronically. Samsung will communicate by push message via Samsung Pay, Bixby and Samsung Members, electronic mail at the electronic mail address provided by the contestant or posting noticed in such manner specified herein. Each individual consents to receiving electronically, all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that Samsung provides in relation to the Promotion. Notwithstanding any provisions herein, each individual acknowledges that Samsung have the discretion, but is not obliged, to contact the contestant via other reasonable means or mode of communication as they deem fit.


(b)        Each individual agrees to take part in any and all marketing, promotional publicity exercises with respect to this Promotion; agrees for Samsung to use his/her name, voice, photograph, likeness or other personal identifiable information in any media for the promotion and publicity of this contest and/or Samsung products: and grants Samsung all consents and waivers necessary hereunder, including in respect of any promotional photographs and/or audio/video recordings taken in respect of this contest. Each individual agrees that Samsung shall be at liberty to publish, promote, copy, reproduce, transmit, display, edit, adapt, modify, create derivative works of an/or otherwise distribute or use his/her particulars (including any publicly available Facebook profile photo and details):

i.            In connection with this Promotion and/or Samsung products;

ii.           For the promotion and publicity of this contest and/or Samsung products;

iii.          In any manner, format or media whether now known or hereinafter created, and in any parts of the world, including without limitation on online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and InstagramAt Samsung’s sole discretion and;

Iv.          Royalty-free and without obligation of attribution or consent. Each individual hereby irrevocably grants Samsung all consents and waivers necessary in connection with the above.


(c)         The Samsung Rewards Points are subject to availability. If Samsung is unable to supply the Samsung Rewards Points  to the individuals, Samsung reserves the right at its discretion to substitute the Samsung Rewards Points with other products or services of approximately equivalent value at any time with prior notice  


(d)         In the event of any dispute arising from this Promotion or relating to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions, the decision of Samsung on all matters pertaining to this Promotion shall be final and binding on all parties. No correspondence or further claims shall be entertained.


(e)         Samsung makes no guarantee of the availability of Samsung Pay, Bixby and/or Samsung Members and its web services and will not be held responsible for any interruption of service that may interfere with the ability to participate in this promotion.


(f)         Samsung collects, uses, and processes and/or discloses (including third party overseas) individuals’ personal information in order to conduce this promotion, and in accordance with the Samsung Privacy Policy (www.samsung.com/my/info/privacy.html). Each individual consents to such collection, use, processing and disclosure of his/her personal information and represents and warrants that all information provided is true and accurate in all respects. Validity of enrolment is conditional on providing this information.  Each individual agrees that Samsung may, for a reasonable period of time, unless otherwise advised, use the information for promotional, marketing, publicity, research and profiling purposes, including sending electronic messages or making phone calls to the individual(s).


(g)         Each individual agrees to indemnify, and hold Samsung harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including legal costs on an indemnity basis) arising from the alleged or actual infringement of any third party copyright, patent, trademark or other intellectual property rights, or other rights, any breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or arising out of or in connection with this Promotion.


(h)         Samsung reserves the right to use any personal data of individuals in any manner as mentioned above and/or for any purpose they deem fit for the purposes of this Promotion and the individuals are deemed to consent such use with no monetary payment.


(i)         The decision of Samsung in relation to every aspect of this Promotion, including but not limited to the individuals shall be deemed final and conclusive under any circumstances and no appeal or complaint from any individuals will be entertained.


(j)          Samsung reserves the absolute right to cancel, change, terminate, withdraw or suspend the Promotion with or without any prior notice and/or assigning any reason. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation, termination or suspension by Samsung shall not entitle the individuals to any claim or compensation against Samsung for any and/or all losses or damages suffered or incurred as a direct or indirect results of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension.


(k)          These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia, and each individual irrevocable submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.