What is Demo Mode/ Exhibition Mode/ Show Room Mode?

Last Update Date : Jan 13. 2018


Exhibition Mode which is also called Cooling off is only for shop. But these display models are being sold with discount and customers who bought displayed model complained No Cool because of this mode.

There is no information about Cooling off mode in Owners manual (Since it is not for consumers) but some models have a label attached on display. So if cooling off is performed and the label is detached, No one knows about this function.

[Related Symptom]

When door is open, internal Lights are on but no cool


 The dealer sets the refrigerator to Demo mode to save power consumption. And if customers don’t know about it, they will complain that the refrigerator doesn’t work


If your refrigerator is not cooling, it may be in Demo Mode. Demo mode is a feature used by retailers to display the refrigerator without running the compressor. To see if your refrigerator is in Demo Mode:

    • Type "A" models display "OF" if the refrigerator is in demo mode

    • Type "B" models have the  icon on the display illuminated if the refrigerator is in demo mode.

    • Type “C” models display setting temperature if the refrigerator is in demo mode

See the images below for examples of Type A, Type B and Type C models and Type A and Type B display panels.

To Remove Your Refrigerator from Demo Mode

If your refrigerator is in Demo mode, press the two buttons together (as shown in the images below) in the red boxes for 3 seconds to resume normal operation. Example)

 For the rest of the models, Please find below table

' U.S Main Model '


In case of U.S model, Unplug & Plug doesn’t make change. So please understand how to cancel it.

[Important reminders]

1. This is only for store display. If you bought display model, Make sure if it is on display mode when initial power on.

2. During Exhibition mode, If both compartment sensors detect the room temperature higher than 65 C, it will cancel the exhibition mode automatically and return to freezing operation (There is no buzzer sound by the temperature when cancel the exhibition mode)

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