How can I customise the lock screen on my Samsung Galaxy S5?

Last Update Date : Jan 09. 2018

Last updated: 16 April, 2014


From the lock screen you can access music player controls and view notifications from the Notification Panel. You can also take photos from the lock screen by adding a Camera shortcut.


To lock your screen press the Power key. To view the lock screen press the Power key again.





Customising the lock screen

From the Home screen, touch Apps Apps  > Settings Settings  > Lock screen LockScreen  .




You can modify the following settings to customise your lock screen. The options available will vary based on the selected screen lock option.

·         Dual clock: Touch Dual clock and then touch the switch SliderOff  to turn Dual clock on SliderOn  . When this feature is turned on your device will display dual clocks, your home city's clock and the local clock when you travel outside your home city's time zone. Touch Set home city to set your home city time zone.

·         Clock size: Select the size of the clock displayed on the lock screen.

·         Pattern type: Choose the design of the dots used for entering your unlock pattern.

·         Show date: Mark the checkbox to add the date to the clock widget.

·         Camera shortcut: Mark the checkbox to display a shortcut for the Camera application on the lock screen.

·         Owner information: You can add your contact information to the lock screen so that a person can contact you if he or she comes across your device after you've misplaced it. Touch Owner information to enter your contact details. Make sure you mark the Show owner info on lock screen checkbox and touch OK to save the information.

·         Unlock effect: Select the effect used when you swipe the screen. Choose None, Popping colours, Stone skipping, Watercolour or Ripple.

·         Additional information: Touch Additional information and then touch the switch SliderOff   to turn Additional information on SliderOn  . Place a check mark next to the options you want to display on the lock screen.

·         Weather: Show basic temperature and conditions.

·         Pedometer: Show the number of steps you've taken if you have the Pedometer turned on in the S Health app.

·         Make pattern visible: Uncheck this option to prevent your pattern from displaying on the pattern unlock screen. This decreases the chance that someone may see your unlock pattern.

·         Vibration feedback: When the unlock pattern is entered incorrectly the device will vibrate.

·         Secured lock time: Set the device to lock the screen after the specified time of inactivity.

·         Help text: Display help text on the lock screen.


Lock screen camera 


You can set your device to access the Camera application right from the lock screen. From the Home screen, touch Apps Apps  > Settings Settings  > Lock screen LockScreen  .


Touch Camera shortcut to enable camera access from the lock screen. When the feature is on swipe the camera shortcut Camera  and your device will open the Camera application.




Lock Screen Music


You can lock your device while playing music and the music will continue to play. The lock screen will display the current song and controls to skip back, pause, play and skip forward.



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