Galaxy Tab S2 (2016, 8.0", LTE)

Colour whitewhite
device memory 32 GB

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1.8GHz, 1.4GHz

CPU Speed

8.0" (203.1mm)

Size (Main Display)


Rear Camera - Resolution


Weight (g)

Optimal Viewing Experience

The Galaxy Tab S2’s 4:3 ratio display is optimised for magazine reading and web use. Switch to Reading Mode to adjust screen brightness and change wallpaper – create an ideal eBook reading environment designed to reduce the strain on your eyes.

Optimal Viewing Experience

Clearer, Brighter Images

The Galaxy Tab S2’s 8MP camera and f/1.9-apperture lens allow you to take brighter and crisper pictures and videos than ever before, even in low-light conditions. View your photos and videos in superb clarity on the device’s large Super AMOLED screen.

Clearer, Brighter Images

Seamless Multitasking

Multitask like a pro with the Galaxy Tab S2. Watch HD movies while you are flicking through a digital magazine or an e-book, or surfing the net. Run multiple apps in split screen mode or in draggable pop-up windows.

* Feature only compatible with certain apps.

Seamless Multitasking

* Feature only compatible with certain apps.

Fingerprint Security

Get greater security with convenient and accurate fingerprint functionality. Activate fingerprint lock by pressing the home button. Use fingerprint verification to restrict/allow access to your web browser, screen lock mode and your Samsung account.

Fingerprint Security
  • 1.8GHz, 1.4GHz CPU Speed
  • 8.0" (203.1mm) Size (Main Display)
  • CMOS 8.0 MP Rear Camera - Resolution
  • 267 Weight (g)
  • Up to 14 Video Playback Time (Hours)
  • 4000 Standard Battery Capacity (mAh)

*Usable memory size is less than the total memory size due to storage of the operating system and software required to operate the phones' features. Actual usable memory size will also vary depending on the mobile phone operator and may change after software upgrades are performed

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