2018 Samsung QLED TV: See Nothing Else

Jun 04. 2018

With spring coming, it’s a time for refreshment and renewal, so what better time to show off a revolution in TV technology? This week, the 2018 Samsung QLED TV lineup made its global debut at the American Stock Exchange building in Manhattan. From lifestyle, to usage, to the screen, we’ve minimized the pain points that consumers have encountered through the years of TVs so you see nothing but what’s on-screen.

A view of the First Look stage with a full audience waiting for the presentation to begin

In fact, consumers, connectivity, and entertainment are the three driving factors behind the innovation found throughout the 2018 Samsung TV lineup. These innovations go beyond just being smart and make these TV s much more than just a screen displaying your favorite shows. They’re “intelligent displays” that serve as the smart center of your connected home, look beautiful in your home, and well as let you catch up on your favorites.

 Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, introducing the new 2018 QLED TVs

“Devices that were smart are becoming intelligent.”

The philosophy for 2018 is simple: See nothing else. Meaning your TV is the focus, not the peripherals, not the setup, and definitely not poor picture quality. So how do 2018 Samsung TVs fiat into this philosophy? Let’s take a look at its place in your lifestyle, how you use TV, and what you see.

The 2018 QLED TV lifestyle

Julien Jae Lee, Vice President of Visual Display Business UX Team at Samsung Electronics, onstage with the display behind her showing QLED TV on the Studio Stand in Ambient Mode with a photo on-screen

User experience for Samsung QLED TVs starts before you even sit down to watch. Samsung researchers lived with families to understand how technology fits into real people’s lives, how they interact with their TVs, and how the TV fits into the living space. We discovered that the moment you start searching for a new TV for your home, the user experience comes into play. It’s not only the technology of the TV that holds importance, it’s how it fits your lifestyle.

“It’s a balance between the useful and the aesthetic”

We’ve made strides in creating TVs that suit nearly any lifestyle and home. Consumers often try to hide their TV in a cabinet or behind furniture to eliminate the big black screen. This also is meant to try and hide away the cluster of unsightly devices, cables, and equipment. It can be difficult to keep track of what is connected where, and you’re often limited to the one area where the outlets were placed.

Demonstration of QLED TV in Ambient Mode shown in a home interior scene

2018 Samsung QLED TVs address these pain points in simple, beautiful ways. Introducing Ambient Mode, the intelligent display that allows you to turn that black screen into a center for information, showing you the weather or the morning headlines thanks to Samsung’s new partnership with the New York Times, or into a work of art by allowing you to display artwork or family photos on-screen. it’s available at the push of a dedicated button on the One Remote Control.

Speaking of all-in-one, we’ve taken the Invisible Connection to a new level and turned it into both a data and power cable called the One Invisible Connection, which not only further simplifies the cable clutter problem, but also opens up the possibilities of location for your TV. And with your choice of the Studio Stand or the Gravity Stand, you can customize your TV in your space as much as you like. Or even attach it to the wall with the No-Gap Wall Mount, which makes it easy to set up, adjust, and watch your shows without an unsightly gap in your decor.

Taking full advantage of the 2018 QLED TVs

Another part of the user experience is getting the most use out of your TV to ensure that what you love to do with your TVs is easy to do. The joy of getting a brand-new TV shouldn’t be diminished by confusing setup or the hassle of connecting your console and then accessing it. Not to mention that your smart home should be centered in one place that’s easily accessible and usable: your QLED TV. It serves as a dashboard and control center, with its big screen providing a cinematic experience.

What are some of the things that play into this control center experience from your TV? With the SmartThings app, you can manage and control your connected Samsung devices as well as hundreds of other compatible devices. You can experience a unified experience controlled with your voice by using Bixby, with the security of Samsung Knox.

“100% connected. Truly seamless. Everyday life is simplified”

So what does this mean, when all things are connected? For starters, right out of the box it’s easy to set up your new Samsung QLED TV with your smartphone. You can sync your TV and get all the pertinent information right away, like the home Wi-Fi and your Samsung Account. And when your TV’s connected to the Wi-Fi, it can detect compatible devices as well—like your speakers. And when a peripheral is plugged into your One Connect Box, your TV knows to adjust its picture settings for the ideal viewing experience. Meaning when you plug in your new game console and fire it up, QLED TV knows to switch to Game Mode to make the most of the 4K HDR screen.

There’s even more benefit to connecting your TV to your smartphone. The Universal Guide will recommend content and programs just for you, and with one click you can instantly access a program or even the big game. Plus, for those times you really don’t want to bother with the remote, simply tell Bixby what you need done and it does the work for you—whether that’s pulling up photos from a recent trip, getting a recipe, or even seeing what’s in the fridge.

The intelligence of QLED TV doesn’t stop at the TV—it doesn’t even stop with Samsung. Samsung’s partnerships also help you get the most from your TV, like the one with Microsoft’s Xbox One X, a truly powerful gaming console. Because a phenomenal gaming experience has a lot to do with getting a great view, the partnership with Xbox means Samsung created QLED TVs that not only instantly recognize the device but also optimizes the audio-visual experience for gameplay. And if you’d like to get your game on over the cloud, all Samsung Smart TV s have Valve Steam Link functionality built in, meaning you can play your favorite games right on your TV, or even watch VR streamers.

2018 Samsung QLED TVs are all about immersion

Samsung is dedicated to innovation and committed to creating an impressively immersive viewing experience, and so every year new technology is unveiled that contributes to the fantastic picture quality of QLED TVs. This year, immersion is the focus. At CES in January, Samsung introduced the world’s first consumer MicroLED TV: The Wall. Measuring 146 inches, it’s an enormous screen that puts you right in the scene with its size and also its fusion of LED and modular technologies. Not only that, visitors also explored the 8K QLED TV, which has AI technology that upscales content to 8K for a view in stunningly high definition. And finally, the latest advance in HDR technology on QLED TVs, HDR 10+.

“You can watch what you love—and see nothing else.”

What inspired these innovations? It’s easy to answer: the needs of consumers. TV owners around the world are buying big screens more and more. And it’s easy to see why: a bigger screen helps you enjoy the scene as if you’re there, but you get a clear view and commentary. But even though bigger screens are what people want, the advanced screen technology changes the view. So it’s important to ensure that the elements creating that view—the resolution, color expression, contrast, and long lifespan—are all on point.

As a result, the 2018 QLED TV lineup will offer you a stunning picture on a slim, beautiful QLED display that fits easily into your home, including 65”, 75”, 82” and 88” models. The contrast provides clear detail even in the dark moments on-screen, and anti-reflection technology offers maximum brightness and true blacks while preventing glare from ruining your view, so you’re not distracted from your content by poor detail and glare, even if it’s during the day or if you’ve got the lights on.

And QLED displays are still the only TVs in the world that offer verified 100% color volume, which means that Samsung QLED TVs show over a billion shades of color with lifelike accuracy. This is due in part to the patented Quantum dots inside the display, which are nano-crystals that individually magnify light like a diamond and create color in a stunningly true way.

But it’s not just the hardware that makes QLED TVs so cinematic, 2018 QLED TVs include the Samsung Q-Engine, an image processor that creates stunning picture quality. It allows us to introduce an 8K resolution that not only gives you beautiful definition on-screen, but also uses AI to upscale content, improving picture quality in real time and frame by frame, so you don’t even have to wait for content providers to create 8K movies and shows.

And the immersive experience doesn’t stop with the view, sound comes into play as well. Incredible new speakers help ensure that you don’t miss a note or a word when you’re watching or playing. The new HW-N650 Soundbar automatically detects a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and equalizes the sound for an immersive gaming experience. The Acoustic Beam technology creates a sweeping soundstage.

“A wall of sound that brings you closer to the experience”

And for wall-mounted TVs there’s the Samsung NW700 Soundbar Sound+, which is just 2.1 inches wide but has a built-in woofer for deep and powerful bass. Or if you need a slightly more portable sound, the VL5 smart speaker combines Audio Lab technology with AKG’s expertise for studio-quality sound that sticks to any metallic surface with the magnetic Dial Control. Plus, you can control it with your voice.

And for the ultimate in immersion, let’s return to the star of CES: The Wall. LEDs are becoming more and more advanced, and we can now control tens of thousands of cells individually—and it’s coming to your home. Self-emitting MicroLED is the technology behind the impressively large 146-inch screen that makes up The Wall. It means no more color filters, no backlighting. Only outstanding brightness, precise colors, and accurate black from nearly any viewing angle. And it’s modular, made up of millions of tiny, pixel-sized LED modules so the screen can be any shape or ratio you need, whether that’s 3:4 or 1:1. Use the whole screen for one movie or watch four channels simultaneously—there’s no limit to what you can do.

What all this technology means for you

As you can see, there is an incredible amount of innovation packed into with this year’s Samsung QLED TV launch. We’re transforming what TV looks like, whether it’s on or off, from hardware to software, from the TV itself to the connected devices. With Ambient Mode, your TV is no longer just a black screen when it’s not in use. With the new Invisible Connection, it declutters your space even further by combining data and power into one incredibly slim optical cable. It creates an immersive experience through new, larger sizes and stunning advancements in visual and audio technologies so you are pulled into the scene, whether that’s a movie, live TV, or a game. So you see nothing else. And it automatically adjusts to ensure that you get the ideal picture and sound settings for your content.

Not to mention that it’s not just a TV—it serves as a control center for your smart home. As mentioned before, it’s not just created for a better user experience, it’s a lifestyle experience. It will insert itself into your life in a way TVs weren’t able to before and make your life more comfortable and efficient as a result. Want to know even more about the 2018 Samsung QLED TV lineup? Watch this space, we’ll be providing you with all the info you need!

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