Samsung’s The Frame on the wall displaying an art piece titled Mt. Hale Ⅱ by Bill Claps.

Curating Contemporary Art: Artspace on The Frame

Jan 29. 2018

About Artspace

Artspace is the leading online marketplace for contemporary art. Our mission is to bring more art into people's lives while helping artists, and the institutions that support them, reach broader audiences. We partner with hundreds of prestigious galleries, museums, nonprofits, and artists worldwide to offer both experienced and aspiring collectors the opportunity to discover, learn about, and buy art curated from across the globe.

Artspace's platform offers an extensive selection of artworks to suit any collector's tastes; we present everything from original paintings and sculpture to high-end editions, photography, and design objects, all by prominent blue chip and emerging artists. Artspace takes away the mystery of pricing art through market transparency and guarantees a streamlined process from browsing through purchase and delivery. Our full suite of resources provides the tools to assist members in every step of the collecting experience.

Artspace on The Frame

Artspace is proud to partner with Samsung's The Frame Art Store to further our mission of bringing world-class art to every home.We strive to make art collecting accessible and easy, and utilizing The Frame's Art Store technology allows individuals to engage with art instantaneously. The Frame Art is a fantastic complement to an existing art collection and the best solution for design-conscious individuals, as The Frame is minimal and sleek in form as well as function

Artist Spotlight from the Art Store: Assume Vivid Astro Focus

  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying an art piece titled always verbally allowing freedom by Assume Vivid Astro Focus.
  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying an art piece titled amorous voluminous atrocious ferocious by Assume Vivid Astro Focus.
  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying an art piece titled announcing victory as failure by Assume Vivid Astro Focus.

Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF) was founded by Eli Sudbrack in 2001. Sudbrack began working with Christophe Hamaide Pierson in 2005, and the duo often morphs into a collective, depending on their involvement in different projects. AVAF works in a vast array of media, including painting, drawing, installations, video, sculpture, neon, wallpaper, and decals, and often confronts gender, politics, and embedded cultural codes through pop imagery and neon colors. The two bring a passionate collaborative spirit to every aspect of their work, including conceiving projects in tandem, employing an extensive range of references and materials, and executing large-scale installations with expert and diversely talented teams.

AVAF has been the subject of major exhibitions and public art projects around the world. These include: the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati; The Faena Art Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami; The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway; São Paulo Bienal in São Paulo, Brazil; the Museum of Modern Art in New York; the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan; 1st Athens Biennale in Athens, Greece; The Geffen Contemporary (MoCA)in Los Angeles; and the 2004 Whitney Biennial in New York, among others.

In addition, AVAF's work often and easily segues into the fashion industry and popular culture. They have collaborated with designers such as Comme des Garçons, providing their imagery for both printed and digital matter, and Lady Gaga, who incorporated their art into the "Gaga's Workshop" display at Barneys New York.

AVAF's ability to exist in both fine art and pop culture spaces with their elaborate, vibrant, and spirited aesthetic makes their work accessible to a vast audience.

  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying an art piece titled ants visit antarctica finally by Assume Vivid Astro Focus.
  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying an art piece titled avid visions abundant fragments by Assume Vivid Astro Focus.

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