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Dive into the Details of the Samsung Premium UHD TVs

Jul 27. 2017

Hello! You must be here about Samsung Premium UHD TVs.

If you’re in the market for a UHD TV , you’ve likely done a lot of research and decided to go with a Samsung Premium UHD TV . You’ve picked a great time to buy a new TV, because the 2017 lineup of Samsung UHD TVs is truly amazing. Trust us on this one.

You want to know more about it before you take the plunge? Fair enough! We’re happy to give some more information to you—we love talking about TV, especially the Samsung Premium UHD TVs. Meet the MU9 , 8, and 7 series TVs . Each is available in a variety of sizes, and some are flat while others are curved, so you’re able to choose what’s best for your home when you pick up your new UHD TV. And five simple words sum up this lineup: “Innovation is in the details.” What does that mean for UHD TV? Well just take a peek at these TVs and it’s easy to see. Let’s dive even deeper into the details of UHD TV, including picture quality, sleek exterior details, and the smart features.

Samsung UHD TV showing detailed image of a black cat in the dark
This a commercial video communicating the close-to-real life picture quality of the Samsung Premium UHD TV.

See the winning point crystal clear with 4K

If you couldn’t get tickets to see your favorite team play, never fear. You can throw a party in your living room instead. In fact, thanks to the 4K definition on Samsung QLED TVs—as well as the Sports Mode setting providing vivid stadium view and sounds quality—you’ll get an even better view of the big game right in your own home. And you’ll be able to turn to the game in no time because the Smart Hub can be set to send you alerts when your favorite teams are scheduled to play. Since you won’t be searching for the right channel, it gives you some extra time to order a pizza, pull out your fan gear, and make sure there’s plenty of chips and dip!
The 4K UHD capabilities ensure that you see every punt, throw, and shot with potentially even better definition than if you were at the game because you’ll see it up close. It’s like courtside seats, but from your couch (and with your favorite snacks)!

4 guys seating together excited watching soccer game on Samsung’s QLED TV

Get pulled into every scene with detail from HDR 1000

While UHD 4K technology is a hot topic in the TV world, HDR is what makes the higher resolution really shine for an even grander TV experience. That’s why each Samsung Premium UHD TV offers HDR 1000 for superb details.* As you may know, HDR means High-Dynamic Range and speaks to the brightness of a screen. HDR 1000 is the brightness equivalent of 1000 candles, giving these TVs a bright screen that produces clear detail without affecting the color. So you can turn up the brightness and still not miss a detail or wash out the view. And when UHD 4K and HDR come together, you can see a movie or show as if you were on set, witnessing it how the creator intended it to be viewed.

To help ensure that the contrast stays bold, whether day or night, MU9 and 8 series TVs offer Ultra Black, which is a technology that helps deflect light on the screen to minimize glare, keeping the dark and black areas on screen as deep as they should be—no reflection of your window or the lamp. So whether you’ve got the curtains open and the sun streaming in or it’s nighttime and you turn on the light, what’s on screen will still come in clear.

This a commercial video communicating the clear and lifelike color the Samsung Premium UHD TV produces.

Feast your eyes on the stunning picture of UHD 4K TV

It’s all in the name. UHD stands for Ultra High Definition, and as part of that, these are 4K TVs. UHD 4K means more pixels in your TV screen, which in turn means crisp definition of details, only heightened by the true colors and bright clarity you’ll see. So while HDR ensures it’s bright and clear, just turn on Samsung Premium UHD TVs and you’ll notice incredible, lifelike color on screen. That’s the Dynamic Crystal Color, a collection of one billion colors that can represent incredible subtle differences in hue. Say you’re watching a show and the sun is setting over the horizon in the background, you’ll see the variations and gradients that make sunsets so striking in person.

This is a commercial video created to show the benefit of One Connect, which is able to tidy up messy cables from TV-connected devices by plugging them into a single connect box.  

It’s the little design touches that make Samsung Premium UHD

The Samsung Premium UHD TVs are a sight to see, not just on screen but all around. Take a peek at the back and you’ll see something you may have never seen before: a distinct lack of cables worming their way out from the back of the TV . That’s right, they’re all tucked away, along with their devices, thanks to the Clean Cable Solution. Instead of plugging them directly into the TV, the devices and consoles can be plugged into the One Connect and placed out of sight (in the cabinet, for example) while the TV cables are routed through the TV’s stand for a super sleek appearance.

Product details of Samsung UHD TV stand
This commercial video shows the core benefit of Samsung One Remote Control, which is able to control multiple devices connected to your TV with a single remote control.
This is a commercial video communicating the 360 design of Premium UHD TV. Its sleek design not only makes your TV beautiful from every angle, but also makes it blend into your home decor.

Speaking of the back of the TV, by hiding away cables and screws, the entire TV is sleek from front to back. That’s 360 Design, ensuring that wherever you put your TV it’ll add to your decor, and you no longer have to arrange the room to best hide the back of the TV. Sounds nice, right?

Smart TVs are everywhere, but UHD TVs are even smarter

Smart TV means different things to different people, but to us a smart TV has a lot to do with making your TV experience convenient. That includes eliminating detective work and having your hands full. Samsung Premium UHD TVs automatically recognize connected devices when plugged into the One Connect and displays their name on screen.§ So when you pull up the Smart Hub, you can instantly know what’s what.

And the Premium UHD TVs help clean up on your coffee table, too, because you can select and control it with one remote, aptly named the One Remote Control . We call it that because it’s the one remote that does whatever you’d like to do with your Samsung Premium UHD TV. No more scrambling for the right remote—all you need is the One Remote Control because the One Remote Control is always right.

Of course, if your hand is glued to your mobile phone, no worries there. The Smart View app lets you control Samsung Premium UHD TVs easily, as well as push content to the TV so you can view it on a bigger screen. Then when you want to show off a video you took on vacation, it’s simple.

So to recap on the terrific 2017 Samsung Premium UHD TV lineup…

As you can see, each 2017 Samsung Premium UHD TV is full of features that come from innovation and incredible attention to detail. Whether you want curved or flat, a larger screen for the living room or something to put up in your bedroom, you can’t go wrong. Each offers beautiful picture quality, wonderful design details that clear up the TV area and add to your interior, and smart features that make your TV time as easy as it should be. Making the decision to purchase a Samsung Premium UHD TV isn’t hard. Picking which Samsung Premium UHD TV is. But rest assured you’ll get a great TV, whichever you choose.

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  • *  HDR 1000 is not available on 82- and 75-inch models.
  •   Dynamic Crystal Color is not available on 49-inch models.
  •   The ‘Clean Cable Solution' refers to a single, cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to the power cable of the TV or cables connected to other devices such as sound bar.
  • §  Auto Source Recognition and controlling function may not be supported by certain devices connected to Samsung Smart TV.
  •   Controlling function may not be supported by certain devices connected to Samsung Smart TV. Please refer to for a list of compatible devices.
  •   Mobile app can be updated and changed.