QLED TV standing with Studio stand in the middle of living room

How QLED TV Suits Your Space and Lifestyle Beautifully

Jul 05. 2017

Decorating your home is a large undertaking, and when you’ve got everything in place where you want it, it should stay like that unless you really want to switch it up, right? But some TVs require a revamp of the room it’s going in, needing to accommodate wires, bulky wall mounts, and your devices. It’s a headache in the making. But we’ve got great news: the new QLED TV lineup is designed to be beautiful and suit your style, no matter where in the home it’s placed.* It’s a TV that works with your taste and lifestyle, so you make the call of where it goes instead of having to adjust and rearrange your home to make it work.

QLED TV on top of TV stand

The beauty in QLED TV

Whatever size you choose, whether you prefer flat or curved—the QLED TV lineup is made to look gorgeous and right at home wherever you put it. How? Well, it’s sleek and slim, so it fits anywhere you want it, from the bedroom to the kitchen, or your quintessential, appropriately-named, TV room. It has what we like to call boundless 360 design, which means if you take a full spin around the TV, you’ll see from the seamless back to the four-side bezel-less screen, the QLED TV is a striking piece that looks good in any home, at any angle.

QLED TV tightly attached to the wall at an angle to show the minimal gap between TV and wall

QLED TV adds to your decor

When you’re shopping for new decorative pieces, you make sure that they’ll contribute something to the room. TVs should be shopped for in the same way—they should add beauty and function to your home. QLED TVs have several features that allow it to suit your home’s style, whatever it may be. For example, if you don’t want a TV console taking up space, you can utilize the No-Gap Wall Mount, which allows the TV to sit nearly flush against the wall. Plus, it gets rid of the unsightly gap and the TV doesn’t stick out far from the wall. And the best part is this mount allows QLED TV to be hung up effortlessly, so you don’t need to study a confusing manual or turn to the Internet to find out how to mount a TV on the wall. In fact, the No-Gap Wall Mount makes TV installation simple and quick—it takes around 15 minutes to install—so you can get to what’s really important: catching up on your favorite shows on your new TV. Then when it’s mounted… it looks great, right? The QLED TV’s presence looks fantastic in a room and is as unobtrusive as it is beautiful, which means you don’t need to decorate around the TV.

This is a commercial video showing the installation procedure of No-gap wall mount, which makes you easily mount your QLED TV on the wall.

Of course, as most TVs do, the QLED TV can stand on its own as well. While it’s so easy to mount QLED TV on your wall should you wish, if you want to use your TV as more of a statement piece you can absolutely do that too. With two optional stands that simply enhance its boundless design, the TV wall mount vs stand decision may have gotten a little harder. The Studio Stand holds it like an easel holds a canvas, while on the Gravity Stand , QLED TV seems to float weightlessly above its perch.

Clean and metallic back of QLED TV with Gravity stand

It all depends on what your style calls for, and doesn’t it feel great to know that whatever you choose—stand or mount—the QLED TV will look equally amazing in your home? Instead of switching up your interior design for the TV, you can keep things as they are because QLED TV is made to suit your style and add value to the space, plus it’s totally adaptable to your lifestyle.

And the Invisible Connection also plays a huge part in allowing QLED TV to be beautiful in any room and complementing its decor.§ Take a closer look at QLED TV out of the box and you’ll notice an unusual sight: there’s no place to plug in devices in the back, but instead there is a single, nearly invisible cable that has a box at the end with those inputs. That’s the Invisible Connection, it’s going to keep the TV area clear by allowing you to tuck devices out of sight, freeing up space in the room for the clean, minimal look you’ve been wanting.

QLED TV neatly hanging above fireplace with Invisible connection

A smart TV that enhances your life

The Invisible Connection continues to keep the TV area clear, even as time goes by. Imagine your last TV and the horror that was trying to keep the space around it tidy and clean, especially once it’d been in place for a while and you added new devices. Have you ever wondered how to hide your TV cables when the mess of wires becomes too much? With the dream team of the Invisible Connection and the One Connect you don’t have to, because they tuck away devices, effectively hiding the wires that so frequently surround a screen and instead providing just a clean, unobstructed view of the TV that’s easy to maintain.
Once the clean TV space has been established with the Invisible Connection, it seems a waste to have multiple remotes cluttering up the joint, doesn’t it? The One Remote Control takes care of that, by being able to control your now-hidden devices by simply pointing at the TV, which makes your TV time easier too.‖ One cable, one remote, one tidy and beautiful space. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Yes, the QLED TV offers stunning picture quality and intuitive smart features, and it’s as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. It’s all-around striking, whether mounted or on a stand, it cleans up the space around it, and blends in with your interior design. What more could you ask for? That flutter you feel in your stomach, that’s your life-changer alert and QLED TV just triggered it. So don’t bother rearranging your room or your lifestyle, QLED TV is going to fit in just fine anywhere.

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  • *  Samsung QLED TV is a Quantum dot-based TV.
  •   Installation time may vary by individual.
  •   Stands sold separately.
  • §  The ‘Invisible Connection’ refers to a single, transparent optical cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to the power cable of the TV or cables connected to other devices such as sound bar.
  •   Controlling function may not be supported by certain devices connected to Samsung Smart TV.