Samsung’s The Frame on the wall displaying ‘Art Store’ User Interface

New Ways to Live with Art: LUMAS on The Frame

Nov 01. 2017

LUMAS was founded in 2003 by Stefanie Harig and Marc Ullrich with the aim of making limited art editions more affordable for both young collectors and a wide, art-loving audience. Today, LUMAS offers museum-quality editions in more than 40 galleries worldwide. With more than 3000 works by 250+ artists, LUMAS provides a comprehensive insight into the contemporary art and design scene and has a portfolio that includes famous artists such as Erwin Blumfeld, Gottfried Salzmann, and Werner Pawlok. In addition to photography, the portfolio includes fine art prints, digital art, illustrations, and screen prints.

LUMAS artworks on The Frame

A front view image of one of LUMAS gallery locations.

With its first selection of artists for the Samsung Art Store including more than 50 works, LUMAS is offering
a collection of bestsellers from their portfolio. Notably, LUMAS curated artists with different working techniques and styles, and because there are over 250 artists at LUMAS, The Frame is able to regularly expand and renew the selection.

Art Store is a new experience for enjoying art

AHanging an image is always a statement and has a unique meaning for every individual. With the Samsung Art Store, art becomes a new and exciting experience on a different level.
It is a new form of art experience for the home and will also reach a multitude of people who may not have previously been exposed to art often.

“Through my many years of experience with LUMAS, I can say that art must be seen. The more people that are able to experience works of art and artists, the more they are interested in living with art. The Frame offers another possibility to bring artists and their works into the living rooms of the people and to promote the dialogue with art.” - Heike Dander, Executive Curator of LUMAS.

Curator’s choice from Art Store: Heiko Hellwig

  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying an art piece titled Butterfly Ⅲ by Heiko Hellwig
  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying an art piece titled Butterfly Ⅳ by Heiko Hellwig

Photographer Heiko Hellwig lives through his eyes, and he’s been that way ever since he can remember. Since receiving his first camera at the age of eight, he has been on a constant pursuit for beauty and is always thinking about how to capture it.

With his penchant for perfection, it is perhaps unsurprising that he chooses to photograph butterflies: “They bring color into our lives, and of course they are deeply symbolic. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is an element of the final images. We don’t see it, but we feel it.” Hellwig works with butterfly collectors to select the most flawless specimens to photograph, making sure that the final image—the artwork on the wall—is as beautiful as can be.

In his series Black, Heiko Hellwig celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of colorful butterflies. Set before a black background, his incredibly detailed pieces let us admire the individual characteristics of each insect. From the shimmering metallic scales to the glossy compound eyes and fragile feelers, Hellwig presents the richly colored insects as if they were under a magnifying glass. We immediately appreciate the rare quality of these moments preserved for eternity.

A delicate creature of ephemeral beauty, the butterfly has always had a special place in art history. Painters such as Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali frequently made the butterfly the subject of their work, and it has also gained traction in the contemporary art scene – not least through Damien Hirst’s Butterfly Color Paintings. The series, Black, can be seen as a natural progression of Hellwig’s oeuvre. The use of clear lines on a monochrome background is characteristic of his style and reflects his preference for minimalist, precise aesthetics.

About Heiko Hellwig

Born in Wuppertal, Germany in 1960, he and his family were living in the United States when he first expressed an interest in photography at age eight. Hellwig has been working as photographer since 1981 with numerous famous companies and magazines. In 2005, he opened the gallery Zukunftslabor with artist Juliane Spitta. He now lives in Stuttgart.