Samsung’s The Frame hanging on a wall at an art gallery

Samsung Collection: An Art Gallery in The Frame

Nov 15. 2017

The Frame is more than TV, it’s art

Right out of the box, The Frame is a stunning TV that you can place anywhere to add value to the room. Because it hangs like a real frame, it blends into your decor seamlessly, giving you more creative freedom with your home’s interior. You can learn more about The Frame itself here in our previous post. But it’s not just beautiful on the outside.Even more beauty appears once you turn the TV off—into Art Mode, that is. Art Mode is what allows you to display stunning works of art directly on The Frame’s screen.

Included with Art Mode is Samsung Collection, an exclusive selection of 100 artworks from 37 renowned artists and spanning 10 categories. It’s been specially curated for The Frame by internationally acclaimed art curator Elise Van Middelem. About her selections she said, “The Frame has the potential to change our perception of viewing art: how it is approached, collected, and displayed. We chose to select 100 artworks, divided into 10 categories … this would allow The Frame viewers to have the feeling of owning a curated art collection of museum quality.”

The categories available in both Samsung Collection and the extensive further selection in the Art Store range from landscapes and wildlife to architecture and patterns, giving you art you’re sure to love, no matter your tastes. And what’s more is it’s easily interchangeable so you can update your art with the season, your decor, or even your mood. And it’s not just beautiful to see, it can also inspire you. See examples of the 10 categories below.

In addition to showing examples of the artwork, we wanted to highlight some of the artists included in the Samsung Collection to introduce you to what you’ll be able to display on The Frame. Get ready to be inspired and excited—these artists were chosen not just because their art is breathtaking, but because it’s especially beautiful in your home on The Frame.

Unique photography that enhances the beauty of natural landscapes

  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying a photograph titled Crystalline formation on lake Magadi, Kenya taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying a photograph titled Sandbanks on the coast of Whitsunday Island, Queensland, Australia taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
  • A photo of Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

If photographs of nature are what you love, Yann Arthus-Bertrand has what you’re looking for. His photos capture Earth’s beauty and he recently gave a TED Talk about his stunning aerial photograph series, “Earth from Above,” which was published in 1999 and has sold 3 million copies. He also founded the GoodPlanet Foundation. Considering his love of nature, it only makes sense that he was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment.

  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying a photograph titled Sand taken by Tommy Clarke
  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying a photograph titled Playa Shoreline taken by Tommy Clarke
  • A photo of Tommy Clarke

Tommy Clarke

London-based photographer Tommy Clarke also takes amazing photos of nature, but he approaches it in a different way. His aerial landscape shots from a helicopter have captured the attention of art lovers and the media alike—he’s been interviewed and featured in major media outlets like the BBC, the Telegraph, and the New York Times, to name a few.

Photography that inspires the pursuit of your passions

  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying a photograph titled Sun Surf taken by John Severson
  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying a photograph titled Ho’okipa Charge taken by John Severson
  • A photo of John Severson

John Severson

See the power of the ocean through John Severson’s lens. Considered surfing’s most influential artist, Severson was declared a pioneer of modern surf culture and art by the New York Times. He passed away earlier this year at age 83 and his body of work shows that he dedicated his life to art; not only photography, but painting, writing, and film, as well.

  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying a photograph titled Snow Trail taken by Oskar Enander
  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying a photograph titled The Next Step taken by Oskar Enander
  • A photo of Oskar Enander

Oskar Enander

Born in Sweden but based in Switzerland, Oskar Enander is no stranger to cold and snow. His photography suits that background well, as its focus is presenting nature through the eyes of a skier. Stunning cloud formations, mountain shapes, and even fellow winter sports participants are all featured in his work, and won him the annual Powder Awards three times.

Photography and works that broaden the horizons of art

  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying a photograph titled Stair taken by Todd Eberle
  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying a photograph titled Niterói Contemporary Art Museum taken by Todd Eberle
  • A photo of Todd Eberle

Todd Eberle

Based in New York City, Todd Eberle has been Photographer at Large for the magazine Vanity Fair for nearly 20 years, since 1998. His photographs are seen by the magazine’s 1.3 million readers and also have been in solo exhibitions at the SFMOMA, Art Institute of Chicago, and Tate Modern, among other world-renowned art museums. His minimalist aesthetic is clean, analytical, and stylish.

  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying an illustration created by Barry McGee
  • Samsung’s The Frame displaying an illustration created by Barry McGee
  • A photo of Barry McGee

Barry McGee

SF artist Barry McGee’s claim to fame is being one of the first people to pioneer street art and graffiti as an art medium to could be exhibited in an art museum. Forbes said his drawings are as meaningful inside a gallery as on the street, and his eye-catching, graphic paintings are sure to liven up your wall.

And, you

Perhaps you haven’t had work hung in a gallery, but your family portraits are priceless. Whether it’s a picture from the latest family gathering, a portrait of the baby that you’re particularly proud of, or even a group selfie that means a lot to you, you can put it on display just as easily as any of the art mentioned above. With My Collection, you’re able to upload photos to The Frame via your smartphone or a USB stick. The only limit is your imagination.

Whatever your tastes, The Frame makes it easy to display art

This is only a small sampling of the world-renowned artists that populate the Samsung Collection and Art Store. If these strike your fancy, believe us when we say that there’s much more where that came from. The Frame itself is a beautiful work, having been designed to emphasize the idea that a TV doesn’t have to be just a TV, it too can be art. So instead of a black screen when you turn the TV off, The Frame’s Art Mode allows it to double its value in your home by adding culture in an easy manner.

You will find artwork to inspire you and anyone who comes into your home because you can turn The Frame on and immediately begin to choose works from the Samsung Collection. And if you’re looking for more selection, you can find unlimited access to more work through the Art Store membership, which is quick and simple to sign up for. With a wide range to select from, you can switch it up based on the season, your interior changes, or even if you just feel like it. It’s that easy. And, if the above images are already enthralling you—it’s even more beautiful on The Frame.

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