Samsung First Look at CES 2018

See what’s new with Samsung TV at CES 2018

Jan 08. 2018

We’re so glad to be back at CES this year. This annual event’s tagline is The Global Stage for Innovation—and we don’t take that lightly! So every year, CES is a place where we can really shine and show off our latest and greatest technologies in TV . As always, Samsung is displaying the exciting new features of QLED TV, and we’d like to tell you what’s being seen at CES 2018!

What can we expect at CES?

This year Samsung wants to portray QLED TV at present and in the future to visitors and fans, and demonstrate how Samsung QLED TV is not just about providing a beautiful TV experience, because that’s a given when it comes to QLED technology, but also adding value to your daily routine through life-changing advances in connectivity.

Samsung presents its 146-inch modular TV, The Wall. Samsung’s QLED technology integrates with your lifestyle.

The Future of QLED

Let’s start in the future because that’s what we are most looking forward to, right? And what better way to bring on the future than with a striking new TV: The Wall. One look and the name won’t surprise you. It’s truly enormous, measuring an impressive 146 inches, and when it’s mounted it’s a stunning sight to see. So what is The Wall? It’s a new Samsung TV in 2018 that’s pioneering TV technology by being modular. That’s right—this TV consists of modules that can be personalized to suit your home, allowing you to customize your display size based on how you use it and how you want it to look. It’s also made with a microLED display, which is another amazing advance in the TV industry! Thanks to this display, The Wall has a super slim bezel which means your eyes will be on your media with little in the way of the visual break that a bezel creates. It maximizes your experience in a very minimalist way.

Of course, we want to give more insight into the innovation that make The Wall possible: the self-emitting microLED display. It’s not only super thin, it negates the need for color filters by providing outstanding levels of brightness, color gamut, color volume, and black levels for a viewing experience you won’t soon forget.

There’s also technology built-in that’s smart enough to adjust the TV to give you a beautiful view without you needing to adjust the settings. We demonstrate how this technology works at CES but we can also give you readers a brief summary. Essentially it can upscale content to 8K resolution. For those of you who have a 4K TV and know what amazing imagery it produces, get excited for a truly fantastic experience! Upscaling transforms scenes into high-resolution 8K content, making them sharp and detailed, regardless of what the content’s original resolution was.

A closer look at the innovative microLED display technology. Samsung introduces the use of AI to upscale content from 4K to 8K.

How Samsung QLED TV can connect to your smart life

Next, let’s explore the ways QLED TV already exists in the home and connects to the Samsung ecosystem. For the Samsung 2018 TV lineup, you can enjoy a wide variety of content easily and way more conveniently between your devices. We’re introducing a Universal Guide service which will offer you recommendations for live TV and other media to suit your tastes.

And then there’s the Multi Device Experience we’re creating to be more connected and powerful. And effortless! So if you were to bring home a new 2018 Samsung TV, it’s going to be tremendously easy to set up because you can adjust settings and even sync additional devices like speakers from your
or tablet
. Which means that you can get down to watching your new TV so much faster. And that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

But not only that, we’re making it easier to use the TVs too. Samsung’s AI, Bixby , will be integrated into this year’s QLED TVs so that you can use your voice to control. With the click of a button, call on Bixby to help you find the content you love. Romantic comedies from the 1990s or action flicks starring your favorite actor? Not a problem. Bixby puts in the legwork; you just need to give it a command. Plus it’s useful because you can pull up things you may need for your daily life, like weather forecasts. Not to mention you can control other connected devices in your smart home too! So if you want to play music from your phone on the TV, it’s easy to call for Bixby and get that done.

Bixby is a smarter way to use your QLED TV. CES 2018 participants try gaming on a QLED TV.

Where is Samsung heading?

Our products are a reflection of who we are as a company. So not only does CES 2018 give us the chance to show off our latest work, it gives us a chance to share our vision and how we plan to integrate our current and future targets.

We have a philosophy for TV, and it’s a philosophy focused on innovation as well as improvement. We’re always looking for ways to improve not only our technology but your life through that technology. As the years go on, we will continue to research and develop customizable viewing experiences by improving picture quality and creating ways to fit Samsung TVs neatly within the consumer’s lifestyle.

Samsung’s booth at CES 2018 shows off new and improved technology.

How Samsung will further innovate with AI and IoT

We have achieved a great deal over the past year, and our 2018 TV lineup reflects our dedication to AI and IoT. Our IoT products for the home, like Smart TVs, Family Hub 3.0, and a Bixby-based MDE, introduce a new, seamlessly connected experience and demonstrate our readiness to innovate; however, we are not stopping there. We are ready to extend our IoT reach into the business world. Connecting all your devices—whether at home or in the office—in a simple and convenient way is necessary for the modern person, and Samsung is making it a reality.

Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics America Joe Stinziano speaks about giving consumers a connected experience within the home. Samsung shows how staying connected changes the way you work.

Samsung’s commitment to QLED

Despite our focus on AI and IoT, as the pioneer of QLED TV technology we are committed to providing high-quality picture and showcasing the benefits of HDR content. This is reflected in this year’s new microLED technology which offers a stunning picture without the need for color filters, as well as the introduction of 8K upscaling to make content of any resolution become as sharp and detailed as something originally shot in 8K. As a result, any advancements in AI and IoT will further highlight the benefits of QLED TV and its place in and outside of your home.

CES 2018 fans and media observe The Wall, and Samsung’s commitment to QLED, in action.

See you next year, CES!

Well, that’s it for us! We hope you’re as excited as we are—in fact, we can’t wait to launch these products in stores so you can bring them home and see all the innovation and stunning visuals of the 2018 Samsung QLED TV lineup for yourself. We hope this insight into not only the future of QLED or the powerful connections within the Multi Device Experience, but also our dedication to making your life better and more convenient through TV technology has been as fun as it is informative! We’re always working hard to bring you new ways to change your lifestyle and have a greater TV experience, so be sure to tune in same time next year as well to see just how far we’ve gotten. In the meantime, enjoy the new features and functions of the new Samsung 2018 TVs!

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