Samsung’s QLED TV showing great details of underwater image with its 4K resolution

What is 4K TV and How It’s Here to Get the Party Started

Sep 08. 2017

Okay, first of all, what is 4K TV?

You know what, that’s a great question! 4K refers to the resolution of a TV , and 4K is an even higher resolution than 1080p TVs, providing crisp, quality images on screen. This is especially evident when paired with HDR, which enhances the contrast on screen to make the details in brightest white and deepest black areas shine through. So 4K and HDR are a power combination that we’ve added to the lifelike color of Quantum dots to get 100% color volume and take picture quality to the next level.* And when QLED TV is in your home, it’s going to be the life of the party—whether that’s a viewing party for the big game, a movie premiere night, an all-day video game fest, or an all-night pajama party. 4K and HDR together make your Samsung QLED TV a centerpiece that’s sure to entertain your guests.

Samsung’s QLED TV showing lifelike color of forest with its 4K resolution paired with HDR

Get into the game details with 4K and HDR

Ever get several levels into a game and get super focused on the background on your TV and then suddenly it’s GAME OVER because there were dark, unclear areas on screen that hid the enemy out of sight? Not anymore with Samsung QLED TV!
With the combination of 4K and HDR, the details of the game on screen come through with clarity even in the darkest corners of the game’s setting. No more throwing down your controller in frustration because enemies seemingly come out of nowhere. You and your friends will catch every moment of action and stand a fighting chance of winning the game, thanks to the teamwork of 4K and HDR. And on top of that, you experience less input lag on the Samsung QLED TVs, because of the high-performing Q Engine. So you don't have to worry about losing the game due to the TV’s latency. That’s way more fun, isn’t it?
It’s also easy to connect your devices to the One Connect box at the end of the Invisible Cable instead of reaching in the back of the TV.§ And thanks to the Auto Detection feature on QLED TV, which takes the guesswork out of selecting the correct HDMI port, it’s faster to get down to fun and games because you can just select the right console right away. Pass the chips and grab a controller! It’s time to play.

A family playing car racing game with Samsung’s QLED TV

4K and QLED give movie night magnificent color

QLED TV is fantastic for a cinematic experience right in your living room, which means movie night is the best night of the week. Or best day, because with Ultra Black technology minimizing reflections on the screen from surrounding light sources, you’ll see details on screen clearly, even if the sun’s coming through the windows, or the ceiling light’s on at night. Grab the popcorn and get ready to lose yourself in the film. You and your family will see the movies on your QLED TV as if you were there on set, thanks to the lifelike colors that shine through.
How? Well, the name QLED speaks to the Quantum dots that Samsung QLED TVs use to help produce incredible color. And on the 2017 QLED TVs, New Metal Quantum dots work with 4K TV to bring real-life hues to the TV screen in UHD, so not only are the colors real, the scenes on screen are so crisp you feel truly present in the movie.
And not only that, you’ll find movies in a snap with the Smart Hub because you have instant access to a variety of streaming sites. Or if you’ve got it on Blu-ray, you can find the port that the player’s connected to just by looking at the screen. It’s much easier than getting the family to agree on which movie to watch!

Samsung’s QLED TV showing great details of dark image of sea at night

See the winning point crystal clear with 4K

If you couldn’t get tickets to see your favorite team play, never fear. You can throw a party in your living room instead. In fact, thanks to the 4K definition on Samsung QLED TVs—as well as the Sports Mode setting providing vivid stadium view and sounds quality—you’ll get an even better view of the big game right in your own home. And you’ll be able to turn to the game in no time because the Smart Hub can be set to send you alerts when your favorite teams are scheduled to play. Since you won’t be searching for the right channel, it gives you some extra time to order a pizza, pull out your fan gear, and make sure there’s plenty of chips and dip!
The 4K UHD capabilities ensure that you see every punt, throw, and shot with potentially even better definition than if you were at the game because you’ll see it up close. It’s like courtside seats, but from your couch (and with your favorite snacks)!

4 guys seating together excited watching soccer game on Samsung’s QLED TV

4K HDR content means all-night fun during your next sleepover

Ah, sleepovers. They’re such a good way to spend a relaxing time with friends in the comfort of your home. A pajama party means filling the night with food, chatting, laughing, and of course, TV. Samsung QLED TV is capable of providing a variety of entertainment, from games to movies to shows, at the click of the One Remote Control. And because Samsung QLED TVs are capable of displaying 4K HDR content, everyone at the pajama party will be able to watch movies or TV the way the creators intended them to be seen. There are a growing number of distributors who provide 4K HDR content, including Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, so to get the most out of this media, it’s important to have a TV that you can enjoy it on.# And now you know: a Samsung QLED TV is what you want.

4 guys seating together watching a concert video

A party’s not a party without Samsung QLED TV!

Whatever you’re partying about, whomever you’re partying with, the Samsung QLED TV with 4K HDR capabilities is a fantastic centerpiece for your event. Its crisp, high-definition picture quality provides true-to-life colors and clear details even in the darkest spaces or the brightest areas. And the Smart Hub makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, whether that’s a movie, the match, the new season of you and your friends’ favorite show, or a cloud game. So send out those party invites—once people hear a Samsung 4K TV’s going to be there, the RSVPs will pour in.

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  • *  100% color volume has been verified by world-class testing and certification association, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE).
  •   Samsung QLED TV is a Quantum dot-based TV.
  •   Games must be produced in HDR to get full HDR effects on QLED TV.
  • §  The ‘Invisible Connection’ refers to a single, transparent optical cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to the power cable of the TV or cables connected to other devices such as sound bar.
  •   Auto Source Recognition and controlling function may not be supported by certain devices connected to Samsung Smart TV. Please visit to find the list of compatible devices.
  •   This feature requires the user to agree to the terms and conditions of collecting personal information.
  • #  Available VOD services may vary by country or region.