Why 100% Color Volume Will Change Your View

Jan 12. 2018

Think back to when you were a kid. You’d wake up Saturday or Sunday morning—maybe both!—to grab a bowl of cereal and plop down in front of the TV for your cartoons or superhero shows. Maybe you had to deal with static from the rabbit-ear antenna, but we all remember the way the colors came across, right? Keep thinking back to that TV screen. It’s dull, huh? Well, that’s not just your memory dulling the screen, it really was that drab when producing colors. That’s why today we’re talking about color volume on the Samsung QLED TV. It’s one of the powerhouse of features built into QLED TV that ensures that your TV experience, even if these days it’s Saturday night instead of morning, comes across as so lifelike it’s as if you were watching it in your backyard.

What’s color volume?

Color volume is a way of describing how a TV can render color and create a range of tones based on luminance—a measure of light—levels. Depending on the luminance, colors can look different and give objects on the screen more or less of a 3D feel. The color volume determines the specific colors you see on your TV, so the higher the color volume, the greater the range of vivid, authentic color. Because Samsung QLED TV is a TV verified to express 100% color volume, it can display a vast range of graphic, lifelike colors, even on a super bright HDR screen.*

Find true colors thanks to color volume and QLED

Now that we’ve explained color volume, it’s time to learn why color volume and QLED are such a great match. New Metal Quantum dots inside QLED TV produce color in a dense and fine manner so that it comes across as realistic. Pair it together with a 10-bit color panel, which determines the number of colors and shades shown on a TV, and the duo helps QLED TVs express 100% color volume. The color possibilities almost seem endless, and color volume ensures that the hues are on point for accurate, super lifelike colors on your screen. It’s the difference between watching a movie and feeling like you’re in the scene.

Get crisp and real color when color volume meets 4K

When 4K is involved, the image is super crisp even as you’re watching. 4K is another name for ultra-high-definition TV s, and their high pixel count allows for a more realistic picture with sharper lines. Before pairing up with 100% color volume, the scene onscreen was less sharp due to a dull presentation of color. With 100% color volume, your video games, movies, and soccer matches are nice and clear.

Bring on the brightness: the necessity of color volume in HDR

Here’s where it gets interesting. Since HDR ensures that the bright white and deep black of a tone is presented beautifully and realistically even on a bright screen, color volume makes sure that those opposite sides of a color don’t wash out or hide details. HDR on Samsung QLED TVs ranges between HDR 1500-2000, which is the equivalent of 1500-2000 candles in brightness! Thanks to color volume, colors will come through with lifelike representation even through that incredible level of brightness. So if you’re looking to check out HDR content, you’re going to need a TV with a high color volume in order to view it properly.

See colors that really shine!

The way you see color can make a difference in your TV viewing adventures. And that’s especially true when it comes to QLED TV! Increasing to 100% color volume enhances your QLED TV experience to ensure that colors come through realistically, regardless of brightness. Meaning that what you see on your screen is how the creator imagined it to be. It’s like you’re there on the set of your favorite movie! So kick back and relax with a TV full of stunning, vivid colors

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  •   * Color volume tested using the IDMS 1.03b standard and DCI-P3 color space. Brightness tested at maximum luminance with 10% White Window in HDR. Testing verified by an independent third party.

    Color volume 100% in Movie Mode on HDR content only.