Shoot in 8K.
Watch in 8K.

Samsung QLED and two Galaxy S20 placed below the TV screen. Products share the same 8k content of a person crouching on a salt desert reflecting the red sky.

Bring the moment home

Unfold a world of
inspiration to your style

Capture every design elements in stunning 8K with Galaxy S20, and re-watch every colorful detail on QLED 8K.

Two models wear stylish clothing and take a pose in front of a fashion designer. And the fashion designer shoots his fashion video in 8K video with Galaxy S20. Fashion show video which shooting in 8K with Galaxy S20 capture details of clothing materials. Two women who have a lot of passion for fashion are watching the fashion show video and look at unseen clothing details in 8K with QLED.
There are great dishes on the table. And showing hands that shooting these dishes in 8K video of Galaxy S20. A couple is admiring that the crisp details and colors of the food recipe videos which shoot in 8K of Galaxy S20, shown on Samsung QLED. The excellent dishes place on the table. Conventional TV colors look darker and not vivid color compare to Samsung QLED 8K. Samsung QLED 8K colors look very vivid and bright more than Conventional TV.
Make your special occasion more colorful with 8K.

Shoot and get right up close to your favourite
dishes with the Galaxy S20 and then relive
every delicious detail in brilliant QLED 8K.

A mom is shooting a home video with her son's. All family members are gathering together and share a family video.
Keep treasured family moments close to your heart forever in 8K.

With the Galaxy S20, you can capture those
treasured family moments in beautiful in 8K.
QLED 8K relive them so they stay close to your heart forever.

Bring unforgettable
moments of every journey
into your home in 8K.

Galaxy S20 lets you capture awe-inspiring beauty of your adventures, QLED 8K lets you relive those moments with impeccable detail.

A man is shooting the nature video in 8K with Galaxy S20. Showing a couple that admiring the travel videos shot in 8K on Samsung QLED 8K.
A man is a success in a stunning dunk during the street basketball game. Another man is shooting this stunning dunk scene to 8K video of Galaxy S20. An epic dunk scene is shown on big screen TV, Samsung QLED 8K. A group of friends is enjoying the sports video in their living room.
Time to show off your
amazing moves in 8K.

Capture all your amazing moves with
Galaxy S20 and show them off to your
friends with QLED 8K.

One of a friend is shooting a stunning dunk scene that another friend doing with 8K video of Galaxy S20.
Key visual of Samsung Galaxy S20 Series: Samsung Galaxy S20 Cloud Blue color, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Cosmic Grey color, Samsung Galaxy S20 Cloud Pink color.

Galaxy S20 Series

See your world differently.
Explore with Galaxy S20.
QLED 8K key visual with a shining moon as the on-screen image.


∙ Real 8K resolution with 33 million pixels
∙ Quantum processor 8K

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QLED 98" Q900R
98" Q900R 8K Smart QLED TV (2019)

Reality perfected with depth & detail

QLED 85" Q950TS
85" Q950TS QLED 8K Smart TV (2020)

Experience the power of a future beyond all boundaries

QLED 82" Q800T
82" Q800T QLED 8K Smart TV (2020)

A viewing experience ready for today and tomorrow