When you're constantly connected to your phone making seamless transitions between work and play, you need a phone that's big enough to deal with it all. So we designed the Galaxy Note7 to think as big as you do. For you to get the most out of life the way you choose.


We rethought the Galaxy Note7 from every angle. A dual-curved screen so you can do more, better and faster. A rounded back so you can hold the 5.7 inch Galaxy Note7 comfortably in the hand while using the S Pen. And continuing with the legacy of our previous Galaxy phones, we made the Galaxy Note7 water resistant. This time not just the device, but also the S Pen. So you can carry on using your phone wherever you are.

  • Dynamic angle view of Galaxy Note7

    Designed to
    be held by the curves on the back that flow to the front

  • Dynamic angle view of Galaxy Note7

    Designed to
    offer more space and function with a nearly bezel-less display

  • Dynamic angle view of Galaxy Note7

    Designed to
    get things done with the S Pen

Galaxy Note7’s S Pen
Graphic illustration of S Pen internal parts

S Pen

We changed the S Pen in the way it writes, the way it works and the way it thinks. To write like a real pen because you use it to take notes, to sketch out ideas. To work without worrying about it getting wet because you never know when inspiration might strike. To speak multiple languages so you don't have to, and to communicate in other ways when words just aren't enough.

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Galaxy Note7 splashed with water

Galaxy Note7 splashed with water


When you're always on the go, it's often difficult to find the right time and place to unwind. That's why we turned the Galaxy Note7 into the ultimate entertainment device, giving you access to the most realistic HDR videos and the most visually intense Vulkan API games. So you can switch off and relax even if it's just for a short period of time, even when you're in transit.

Background image of natural scenery.
Galaxy Note7 behind held horizontally by two hands with the natural scenery on the screen


Keeping your information private and protected has always been a top concern. So we developed one of the most foolproof ways to keep that information accessible only to you—iris scanning. Not only is it one of the safest ways to keep the Galaxy Note7 and the data it holds safe from prying eyes, it's also one of the most convenient.

The word iris is written out in a graphical shape
Photo of architecture
Photo of reflections in the water
Photo of beautiful natural scenery
Photo of silhouettes
Image of a camera lens


Sometimes the moment is planned, sometimes it just happens. With the Galaxy Note7, you get consistently good photos whatever the scenario. Its camera effortlessly handles the most difficult challenges, from a lack of light to sudden movement. It's because the Dual Pixel Sensor works with a brighter F1.7 lens and larger 1.4µm pixels to capture images the way your own eyes do.

*Images taken with Galaxy Note7.

More room
for everything

Having enough space is important when you have so many files, videos and photos. So we gave the Galaxy Note7 spacious internal storage that starts at 64GB and also included expandable memory that can handle up to 256GB via microSD card.

*Availability may vary by country.

Hybrid SIM tray
MicroSD card
SIM card

Powerful advantage

We know you never really stop using your phone, so we gave the Galaxy Note7 a bigger battery that's impressive in charging speed. We also gave it the same fast wireless charging capability found in our recent Galaxy phones, so when it's time to charge, you only have to put it down. No need for cables. And just like our previous phones, we made Galaxy Note7 water resistant, from the body to the S Pen, by sealing off the inside components so you don't have to deal with flaps.

Bottom view of Galaxy Note7 lying flat and showing where the USB type-C charging cable is plugged in
3500 mAh

Smart Switch

Prepared to make the upgrade to Galaxy Note7? Use Smart Switch to transfer everything that matters on your old phone to the Galaxy Note7. Or keep it all in the cloud and download just the essentials. If you're switching from a previous Galaxy Note model, you'll find all your S Pen related content, from S Notes to Action Memos, in one handy Samsung Notes app.

*Availability of services may vary by device. USB connector is included in the box.

Galaxy Note5 with the Smart Switch app transferring status shown on the home screen
Galaxy Note7 with the S Pen leaning against it and with the Smart Switch app transferring status shown on the home screen

More than
just a phone

We design all of our products, both inside and out. That's how we're able to expand the benefits of every one of them. Beginning with the Galaxy Note7. It's designed to unlock the potential of other devices; It's designed to be a key that opens the door to new experiences on the go.

Top view image of Gear 360
Image of Galaxy Note7 with S pen
Top view image of Gear VR


For when your Galaxy Note7 needs an extra layer of protection, a change in style, a boost in efficiency or more power to go.

a Galaxy Note7 with the S View Standing Cover
A Galaxy Note7 with the Leather Cover
A S Pen image
A Galaxy Note7 with the LED View Cover
A Galaxy Note7 with the Lens Cover and Clear Cover
Samsung Battery Pack
Lens for Galaxy Note7
A Galaxy Note7 with Backpack