Samsung's hospitality solution can modernize your hotel to provide a seamless and personalized experience for every guest.

Solutions for hospitality

Better guest experience

  • Quick and simple check-in

    By using a mobile check-in application and digital room key, guests can skip the queue at the check-in desk – just what they need after a long flight.

  • A premium in-room experience

    With our hospitality SMART TVs offering a premium in-room experience, guests can watch movies, check SNS and see mobile content in the big screen.

  • Tap into the needs of your guests

    Rooms can be equipped with In-Room Tablets to tap into your guests’ various needs.

Seamless digital and content-rich experience

A group of people gathered around a Samsung Smart Signage TV at a hotel lobby


Keep customers informed with important weather and news updates available on the spot.

A Samsung outdoor display device showing a lounge bar event information

In-house restaurant / Lounge Bar

Offer digital menu boards and promote new offerings with digital menu boards for the day’s specials.

Optimized hotel operations

  • Empower your hotel staff

    By connecting all hotel staff with mobile and wearable devices, you can empower employees to provide high-quality service and streamline operations.

  • Manage multiple in-room displays

    Through the versatile plug-and-play functionality, hotel managers can easily activate and oversee hundreds of on-site displays at the same time.

Optimized content management


SMART Hospitality Displays

SMART Hospitality displays offer new and exciting avenues for hotels to delight and engage guests while improving their own operational efficiency.

A businessman with a suitcase checking in at a hotel using Samsung Smart Signage TV