Getting up, close
and personal

By now, you’ve probably discovered just how smart, secure and innovative your new Galaxy S7 is. This week, we take a closer look at more of the clever things it can do for you.

The Galaxy Apps store is pre-loaded on your phone and is your go-to source for apps only available for Galaxy owners. Here are two you might like to check out.

Focused on getting healthy? With S Health you can count your steps, track your weight and nutrition, compare weekly results and even invite friends to a step challenge. It also syncs with Samsung Smartwatches.

S Voice, your personal assistant

S Voice lets you do just about everything on your Galaxy S7 hands-free. Music queueing, Internet searches, creating memos and calling your Mum all with a couple of words. Just double tap your home screen and switch on S Voice to get started.

- Low Light Camera Mode gives you sharp, vibrant shots from dusk ‘till dawn. You can also manually adjust your shutter speed, ISO and Exposure Meter for better art in the dark.

- Try Grid Lines (located in your camera settings) to keep your pictures straight and sharp from every angle.

- Snap you and your mates with a single word. Just line up your shot and say “Shoot”, “Smile” or “Cheese”.

- Your phone is certified for submersion in up to 1.5m of water for up to 30 minutes. To capture underwater shots, use the volume buttons as a camera trigger.

Your S7 doubles as a wallet

If you’re with ANZ or ASB, your new Galaxy S7 is an easy way to make contactless payments at any store equipped with Paywave. Just download ANZ Mobile Pay or ASB Virtual Pay and hold your phone near the pay terminal until you hear it beep.

Team your Galaxy S7 with the Gear 360 and create a seamless 360-degree field of view, capturing 180 degrees vertically and horizontally. If gaming’s more your style, pair your Galaxy S7 with Gear VR and step in to the newest dimension of play.

Ready for more?

We’ve given you a taster of what your S7 can do, but to find out more, head over to or to a Samsung Kiosk. There’s so much to discover.


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