How to create a Google account

1Go into the Settings menu → Cloud and accounts.

2Tap on Accounts.

3Tap on Add account.

4Tap on Google.

5Tap on Or create a new account.

6Enter in your First and Last name in the empty field and then tap on Next.

7Enter your Birthday and Gender.

8Enter in a username you wish to use. (Note: Only use A-Z, a-z and 0-9)

9Create a password for your Google account. (Note: Minimum of 8 characters.)

10Enter in a Mobile Phone number and then tap on Next. You can use your phone number to sign in, reset your password and help people connect with you across Google services. You will receive an SMS with a code to verify the account to the provided phone number. Otherwise you can tap on Skip to proceed to the next step of the setup.

11Read the Privacy and Terms. Tap on More to read the rest of the Privacy and Terms. Once you have finished reading the Privacy and Terms, tap on I Agree to proceed to the next step.

12Tap on Next to complete the process.

The Google account has successfully been created on your Samsung Galaxy S8.

You're all done


Insert Sim card
and SD card


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