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Switch and transfer from Apple

You will need:

  1. Your old iPhone and its USB cable.
  2. Your new Galaxy smartphone and its USB connector.
  3. New Galaxy smartphone logged into a Gmail account.
  4. Full battery on both smartphones.
  5. Latest version of Smart Switch on the new Galaxy smartphone.
  6. Disable iMessage on your old iPhone and untick 'Encrypt iPhone backup' in iTunes on the computer.
  1. Connect the iOS device and Galaxy device using your old USB cable and the USB connector.
  2. Select Smart Switch app on new Galaxy phone.
  3. Tap 'Trust' on the iPhone.
  4. Select Smart Switch app on new Galaxy phone.
  5. If your data on the iPhone is encrypted, enter the password set in iTunes for encrypted backup.
  6. Select content items you wish to transfer over, then tap 'TRANSFER'.
  7. Wait for the content items to transfer.
  8. On the Galaxy smartphone, tap 'CLOSE APP' at the bottom of the app page.

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