What is phishing scam?

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt by a third party to steal your personal information, usually made through email, or text messages.

Here are the latest phishing scams that we have been made aware of, and advice on what to do if you receive one.

Please be aware: Recent phishing scam 23rd January 2015

We are aware currently that a small number of the New Zealand public has been receiving promotional text messages that appear to come from Samsung mentioning that the text recipient has won $750,000 of Samsung products.

These are unauthorised messages and are not part of any current Samsung New Zealand promotion or marketing activity.  We suspect that the message is a phishing scam and we highly recommend that you do not to respond to this message in any way and forward it to the Department of Internal Affairs either via text 7726 or email scam@reportspam.co.nz.

Samsung Electronics New Zealand takes customer data security very seriously, and no customer data has been compromised in this instance.

If you think that you have been the subject of a phishing scam please contact us.