Digging for Magical Mysteries in Art - Part I

Getting into art can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. It's not about being fancy, but about finding a personal connection to something bigger than ourselves.

Each work is a story, frozen in time, reflecting the moment in which it was created. These art stories have the power to amuse, heal, teach and inspire us. Finding meaning in art brings beauty and magic to our daily lives.

Understanding the history behind a work of art and the artist who created it, leads to a deeper appreciation of the piece and its story. After all, a true masterpiece faithfully reflects the soul, life and vision of its creator. Sometimes, what you find may even surprise you. Did you know that many of today's beloved and famous artists went widely unrecognized in their own lifetime? Or that some of today's most respected and influential painters faced great criticism from their contemporaries? Read on to discover five artists' stories and their contributions to the art world.