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Design Your Dream Kitchen with Samsung

Aug 04. 2021

The kitchen is a big part of our home – even for homeowners who don’t cook frequently. It is more than just a space where food is stored and meals are prepared. It is also where we spend quality time with our loved ones, and can even double up as a zone for work and play.

Whether you’re a first time homeowner or simply looking to reconfigure your existing kitchen layout, read on to find out how you can customize and design your kitchen to reflect your personality and preferences.

Get ready to curate the ultimate kitchen experience at home with these three tips from Samsung!

1. Plan your kitchen spaces carefully

Consider demarcating important zones in the kitchen for eating, storage, prep, washing and cooking.

After plotting out your kitchen zones, you will then need to figure out appliance placements for each area – such as a table top or kitchen island for eating and prep work, a refrigerator for storage, a sink for washing and a stove for cooking – and plan around these.

While you may not be able to choose specific placements for your sink and refrigerator, you can still decide where you’d like to place your table tops or kitchen islands. As a general rule of thumb, table surfaces should ideally be wide enough to place appliances when needed, with enough leftover space for you to prepare meals, eat, or even do work whenever you need a change of scenery while working from home.

2. Elevate your kitchen with clean and clutter-free styling

For a premium kitchen experience, consider a beverage showcase refrigerator to provide the ultimate entertaining experience, explore new beverage recipes, and delight your guests!

The Beverage Showcase French Door Fridge has cutting edge design features, a timelessly minimalist exterior, with strikingly beautiful flat doors and no external water dispenser. Featuring a purified water twist, allowing you to infuse fruits and herbs, Beverage Showcase also provides you with the Dual Auto Ice maker which prepares you for any occasion with two different types of ice. The water dispenser takes away the hassle of grabbing an ice-cold beverage, complete with an easy-to-wash stainless nozzle.

3. Supercharge your kitchen with tech

After figuring out the number of appliances you need and their respective kitchen placements, don’t forget to check whether there are enough electrical outlets to power up each gadget! Consider adding a Wi-Fi signal booster in the kitchen as well, so that you can introduce Wi-Fi enabled devices to your kitchen too – such as a tablet for entertainment purposes or to guide you with meal prep.

Sleek and compact, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is a handy companion to have around when you need to access recipes quickly online or play music and videos in the background as you cook. Boasting a massive 12.4”1 Super AMOLED display – the largest yet on a Galaxy tablet – along with quad speaker sound by AKG® and Dolby Atmos®, the Galaxy Tab S7+ offers all the entertainment you can get in the form of a compact device, leaving ample space to cook and work in the kitchen!

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