Samsung Quick Drive Front Loading Washing Machines make fast work of heavy duty laundry

May 02. 2018

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – 2 May, 2018 – Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of two new AddWash front loading washing machines featuring Quick Drive, a new feature that promises to speed up the average Kiwi laundry cycle time by up to 50%.*

“While many Kiwis love the full clean, compact size and efficiency that front loading washing machines offer, the generally longer cycle times can be a frustration for busy households, “ said Jens Anders, Consumer Electronics Director for Samsung New Zealand.

“The introduction of our new washing machines with QuickDrive™ technology underscores our commitment to providing Kiwis with smarter ways of getting the laundry done, to free up time for what really matters,” continued Anders.

The key to the washer’s innovative performance starts with Samsung’s award-winning1 QuickDrive™ technology, which features a large main drum and a back plate that move independently. This creates a dynamic action that moves clothes in four directions – up and down, and back and forth – to quickly, gently and thoroughly remove dirt for a more powerful and intense wash cycle that takes up to 50% less time than other comparable Samsung machines, and 20% less energy*. The SuperSpeed setting allows a 5Kg wash cycle to be completed in as little as 39min.

Both washing machines feature the Addwash door, an innovation Samsung integrated into front loading washing machines which allows you to add items or extra detergent to the machine during the cycle. Additionally, at 600m wide and stackable, both machines and their companion dryers are an ideal size for small laundry spaces tucked behind sliding doors or apartment and town house living.

Like many Samsung devices, the new washing machines are compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, with WiFi connectivity, future proofing them for consumers evolving home needs. Samsung has also developed the handy Q-rator laundry assistant app, which makes using the washing machines to their full potential easier than ever. Functions of the Q-rator app include:

  • Laundry Recipe, which provides automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on the colour, fabric type, and degree of soiling inputted by the user.

  • Laundry Planner, which allows consumers to manage the time that a wash cycle will finish, adjusting cycle settings accordingly.

  • HomeCare Wizard, which monitors the washer to keep it operating at optimal performance and provides easy-to-follow maintenance instructions

    The new Quick Drive washing machines are available now (Model code starting with WW85M) from Harvey Norman and Noel Leeming.


    1, Tested on WW6800M compared with Samsung WW6500K. Saves 50 % time on Cotton (40 ℃, half load) and eCotton (40 ℃) cycle with washing performance within ±3 %. and up to 20 % energy on Cotton (40 ℃, half load) cycle, based on Intertek test data. 

    2, US equivalent model WW6850N washing machine with QuickDrive™ technology named as 2018 CES Innovations Award honoree

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