Connect to a bigger world

  • Samsung DeX
  • Bixby
  • Gear 360
  • Gear VR

Samsung DeX

Turn your phone into a PC-like experience

Some things are just done faster and better when you have a full-size keyboard and a big monitor. With your Galaxy Note 8 and the DeX Station, you only need to connect to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and that hotel lobby or airport lounge is now your new office.

*DeX Station and accessories including monitor, keyboard, mouse, and HDMI cable sold separately. User interface of the actual product may differ. The mobile screen will switch to standby mode when connected to the DeX station.

Samsung DeX
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Image of a person using Galaxy Note 8 and DeX Station at a desk with a Samsung monitor, keyboard, and mouse


A smarter way to use your phone

Open up your camera and use Bixby to get information on places to eat, and translations of the menu. Or ask it to edit a photo you've just taken, share it with your friend, and post it on social media. Bixby, your very own virtual assistant.

*Bixby service ability may vary by country. Voice command recognizes English (U.S.) and Korean. Samsung Account log-in and data network (Wi-Fi or internet connection) required to fully operate Bixby features. Bixby Voice only recognizes select languages and accents/dialects. Data dependent, language translation based upon Google's translate offering. Network provider accessibility and speed may vary. Voice command works with a select, growing list of Samsung and third-party apps; see “Apps with Voice” in Bixby for list of compatible apps. Places is powered by Foursquare and image recognition by Pinterest; ability to recognise local places/locations may vary due to this.

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The same image in full as background

Gear 360 + Gear VR

Breaking boundaries

Share all 360 degrees of your world, in real time if you want, using the Gear 360 (2017) and the Galaxy Note 8. You can also slip your Galaxy Note 8 into the Gear VR headset* and be transported into whole new worlds.

*Gear 360 (2017) and Gear VR and controller sold separately. Not compatible with previous Gear VR headsets.

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Image behind the Gear 360 (2017) of a campsite at night
Gear 360 (2017)
A person using the Gear VR with Controller and the Galaxy Note 8 with the same campsite at night image in the background