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Galaxy S9 | S9+

One Galaxy S9 seen from the front and Galaxy S9+ seen from the front and the rear in lilac purple. Displayed on Galaxy S9 is dandelion seeds and displayed on Galaxy S9+ is a dandelion.



We have unpacked our latest flagship, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.  Below are some of our favourite quotes.

“Super-fast focus, enhanced slow-motion, vastly improved low-light capture and the ability to animate emojis…It's all pretty cool.”

Emma Bannan - Newshub

“Samsung's been leading the pack for several years now.”

Glenn Hart – Newstalk ZB

“After nine generations, Samsung's finally built the perfect Galaxy Android phone with the S9 and S9+.”

Raymond Wong - Mashable

“Samsung has long had a solid reputation for putting solid high performance cameras into their S Series flagships. The dual cameras of the S9+ are no exception.”

Pat Pilcher – NZ Tech Commentator

“A dual aperture between F1.5 and F2.4 gives a new and very welcome low light performance.”

Nick Scott - Empire Media Group

“The S9’s screen is nothing short of breath-taking.”

Gerard Campbell - Game Junkie NZ

“Samsung’s S9 is a sweet, slick phone with an insanely good camera.”

Chris Schulz - NZ Herald