Frozen Food Icon On The Door Panel

Last Update Date : Jan 16. 2018

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Frozen Food Icon On The Door Panel




The figures above to the symbols indicate the permitted storage period of the produce in months. When purchasing frozen produce, observe the date of manufacture or sell-by date.

Freezing food

Freeze fresh, undamaged food only, keep food which is to be frozen away from food which is already frozen.

To prevent food from losing its flavour or drying out, place in airtight containers.

Packing food correctly:

1. Place the food in the packaging.

2. Press out all the air.

3. Seal the wrapping.

4. Label the wrapping with the contents and date.

The following products are not suitable for wrapping food:

Wrapping paper, greaseproof paper, cellophane, refuse bags and used shopping bags.

The following products are suitable for wrapping food:

Plastic film, polyethylene blown film, aluminium foil and freezer tins. These products can be purchased from your dealer.

The following products are suitable for sealing the wrapped food:

Rubber bands, plastic clips, string, cold-resistant adhesive tape or similar. Bags and polyethylene blown film can be sealed with a film sealer.

Shelf life of frozen food

Storage duration depends on the type of food.

At a temperature setting of -18˚C:

● Fresh Poultry(whole chicken), Fresh meat(steaks, Roasts) : up to 12 months

● Fish(Lean fish, Cooked fish), Fresh shrimp, scallops, squid : up to 6 months

● Pizza, Sausage : up to 2 months Storage duration is referred to FDA web site (

♠ Caution

· If you do not follow this period, you will have food poisoning sounds a bit extreme.

Purchasing and storing deep-frozen food

When purchasing frozen food, observe the following:

● Check that the packaging is not damaged.

● Check the sell-by date.

● The temperature of the supermarket freezer should be below -18˚C or lower.

If not, the shelf life of the frozen food is reduced.

● Purchase deep-frozen food last. Wrap food in newspaper or place in a cool bag and take home.

● At home immediately place deep-frozen food in the freezer compartment.

Consume the frozen food before the use-by date expires.

Thawing frozen food

Depending on the type and application, select one of the following options:

● At room temperature.

● In the refrigerator.

● In an electric oven, with/without fan assisted hot-air.

● In a microwave oven.

¶ Note

● Do not refreeze food which is beginning to thaw or which has already thawed.

The food cannot be refrozen until it has been prepared(boiled or fried).

Do not store the frozen products longer than max storage period.



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