How to create GIFs on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+?

Last Update date : Sep 18. 2020


In this FAQ:

·    How to create GIFs on Galaxy S9/S9+

·    How to turn Super Slow-mo videos into GIFs on Galaxy S9/S9+

·    How to send GIFs or Animated GIFs on Galaxy S9/S9+

·    How to add GIF to Always On Display on Galaxy S9/S9+

·    AR Emoji stickers as animated GIFs



1 How to create GIFs

GIF is a combination of frames in one file. With the Galaxy S9/S9+, it's easy to make GIFs on your phone. Here's how:

1.  Open the Camera app then > tap the Settings icon

2.  Tap ‘Hold Camera button to' > select Create GIF

3.  Tap (and hold) Camera button and start creating GIFs!

2 How to turn Super Slow-mo videos into GIFs

Super Slow-mo videos can be transformed into GIFs in three different loop styles:

1.  Open the Gallery app.

2.  Find the super slow motion video that you want to turn into a GIF. Videos taken in Super Slow-mo are designated with three rings on them. Or, you can open the Super Slow-mo Clip album to find them easily.

3.  Select the video and swipe up on it.

4.  Choose between three loop styles: reverse, forward and swing.

5.  Click Save and GIFs will be saved to your Gallery.

Please note: Background music cannot be added to GIFs.

3 How to send GIFs or Animated GIFs on Galaxy
Animated Gif



Samsung keyboard supports GIF images files. Here's how to send them via the Messages app:

1.  Open the Messages app > Tap the ‘Sticker’ button on the right side of the text box.

2.  Tap GIFs > Select the GIF that you want to send to your contact.

3.  Add a message > Tap Send.

Please note: Total GIF size of MMS should not be over 1MB. The limit may vary from 300KB to 1MB depending on the region or service provider.

4 How to add GIF to Always-On-Display on Galaxy

Always On Display (AOD) enables you to keep a part of the screen on even during sleep mode. With the Galaxy S9/S9+, you can set a preloaded GIF file or animated file from the Gallery on an AOD.

1.  Go to Settings and then > select Lock screen and security.

2.  Toggle the switch to activate 'Always on Display' and then > tap 'Clock and FaceWidgets' just beneath.

3.  Tap Clock style > Select ALWAYS ON DISPLAY.

4.  Tap Add GIF then > select the file.

5.  If you want to use a GIF that is already in the Gallery > Tap the + button > Select the GIF in the Gallery.

6.  Tap APPLY.

Please note: If a GIF's playtime is under 5 seconds, the file will be played twice automatically.

5 AR Emoji stickers as Animated GIFs
Animated GIF

Augmented Reality (AR) Emoji stickers can also be used as animated GIFs. Once you have created your AR Emoji, animated GIFs will be automatically generated into your Gallery app.


Please note: Apps that do not support animated GIFs may send AR Emoji stickers as a still image.

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