How do I use Smart Manager on my Galaxy S6?

Last Update Date : Jan 16. 2018

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The Smart Manager provides an overview of the status of your device’s battery, storage, RAM, and system security. By selecting a feature, you can check or optimise status by item. To use the Smart Manager on your Galaxy S6, follow these steps:


Step 1: On the Apps screen, tap Smart Manager.


smart manager  



Step 2: Select a feature you want to check (i.e., Battery, Storage, RAM, Device Security). You can check or optimize status by item.





Step 3: If you select Battery, you can check the remaining battery power and time to use the device. Please note the usage time left shows the time remaining before the battery power runs out. The estimated usage time may vary depending on your device settings, surrounding environment, usage pattern, and actual device usage.





Step 4: If your device has low battery level, you can conserve battery power by activating power saving or ultra power saving features.


 battery 4 


Step 5: Also, Smart Manager will notify apps that are consuming an excessive amount of battery power abnormally and you can conserve battery power by closing the apps. 





Step 6: If you tap the BATTERY USAGE, you can check battery usage by each processor.


battery 6  


Step 7: When you tap each processor, you can access its details. On Use details page, you may opt to adjust power use.



Step 8: To check the memory status, tap the Storage menu (when you return to main menu of Smart Manager).




Step 9: You can view the device's memory space, it's status of used and available memory capacity, and unnecessary data.




Step 10: You can delete unnecessary data, such as cached, residual, and advertisement files to free up more storage space.


storage 1  

Step 11: Also, you can delete unused files and uninstall applications that you do not use any more.



Step 12: On User data page,you are able to delete by category, such as, Images, Videos, Audio, Applications.




Step13: To check the amount of available RAM, tap the RAM menu (return to main menu of Smart Manager).



Step 14: You can view used RAM usage , all running applications, and each usage on RAM.



Step 15: Also, you can close background apps and reduce the amount of RAM you are using to speed up your device.




Step 16: To check device’s security status, tap the Device security menu (on main menu of Smart Manager). This feature scans your device for malware and blocks phishing attacks and malicious websites.



Step 17: To scan your device manually, tap SCAN DEVICE.



Step 18: Through CLEAN ALL button, you can also automatically optimise the device with one tap of your finger.







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