How do I use the Music Player in my Galaxy Note 3?

Last Update Date : Jan 16. 2018

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You can access the Music Player in your Galaxy Note 3 by tapping Apps , then Music .


Your Note 3 will scan for music files in the device and its microSD card. Once located, simply tap any song to listen to it. The song will begin playback with some basic controls at the bottom portion of the screen. If your phone does not have any music files, you can download music files via internet, or transfer them to your phone via Bluetooth, data cable or other means of media sharing.

Using The Now Playing View

The song might show a thumbnail of its album art. Tap that to be taken to the Now Playing view. This view will show you the following options:



Play button 





 Add to Playlist

 pause button 





 Add to Favourite

 prev button 






 next button 



 Repeat All Songs




 All Songs


 Repeat 1 Song




Under the Now Playing Screen, tap Menu menu to display even more options:


■  Via Bluetooth: Play the audio through a Bluetooth-enabled headset.

■  Play via Group Play: Share the song over Group Play.

■  Add to playlist: Add the song to a new playlist or an existing playlist.

■  Set as: Set the song as Phone ringtone, Caller ringtone or as an Alarm tone. Options are available should you wish to play the song from the start (choose From the beginning) or select part of the song as your alarm or ringtone (choose Highlight).


■  Settings: The following options are available under Settings:


     ●  Music menu: Select which categories to display in your Library view.

Choose from Albums, Artists, Genres, Music square, Folders, Composers and Years. You can also select which playlist to view. Options are Most played, Recently played or Recently added. A green check mark will appear.

     ●  SoundAlive: Select from a predefined equalizer setting or create your own custom setting.

     ●  Adapt Sound: Enable this effect when a headset is connected to enhance the sound through the earpiece.

     ●  Play speed: Increase the playback speed to up to two times faster or slow it down by half the speed.

     ●  Music auto off: Set an auto-off timeout for playing music. When activated, the Music Player will turn off music playback after the selected timeout has been reached.

     ● Lyrics: Select this option to view the song lyrics, if any are available.

     ●  Smart volume: Select this option to equalize the volume level of each track automatically.

     ●  Voice control: Use voice commands to control the Music Player. Place a check mark next to Voice control. The Voice control feature needs to be turned ON before you can use it. If Voice control is OFF the Voice control settings menu will be displayed. Tap the slider off slider to turn Voice control ON  and tap OK. Then tap Back back icon to return to the Music Player settings.

■  Details: View the details of the current song. tap Tag to get song information, if available. tap Edit to manually input the song information.

■  End: Stop the Music Player and exit the application. To continue playing the music in the background, press the Home  key.


Creating a Playlist

To create a Playlist, follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the Music Player application tap the Playlists tab.

Step 2: Tap Menu  > Create playlist.

Step 3: Enter a name for the playlist and tap OK.

Step 4: Tap Add music and select the songs to add. A green check mark will appear beside each song.

Step 5: Tap Done to save the playlist.

Step 6: Press Back  to return to the Playlists tab.


Editing a Playlist

To edit your playlist, follow the steps below:

Step 1: From the Music Player application, tap the Playlists tab.

Step 2: Tap the playlist to edit. 

Step 3: Tap Menu  > Remove to delete songs from the playlist.

Step 4: Tap Menu  > Edit title to rename the playlist.

Step 5: Tap Menu  > Change order to select the order songs are played in.


image 3 


Step 6: Tap to Add music  to include additional songs. 


Using Music Square

Music Square creates a playlist depending on your mood. Simply tap a square on the grid and Music Square will analyse the tempo of the songs in your Library to match your mood.

To play multiple songs, tap and drag your finger across multiple squares.


By default, Music Square is not displayed. You can enable it by tapping Menu > Settings > Music menu and marking the Music square checkbox. Tap Done, then tap the Music Square tab.




Four tempos/moods are available: Exciting, Calm, Joyful and Passionate. You can switch the horizontal axis between New and Old by tapping Menu and selecting Change horizontal axis > Years.


Before using Music Square, you need a minimum of 25 songs stored in the device or memory card.


Music Player supports the following music file types: AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, EVRC, FLAC, MIDI, MP3, OGG, QCELP, WAV, and WMA.






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