How to use the camera

Last Update Date : Jan 16. 2018

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Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy Gear2…Lets look at the how you use the Camera of the Galaxy Gear2 device and how to transfer the pictures to Galaxy S5.


※Note: First you will need to connect your Galaxy Gear2 device to your Galaxy S5.



< How to take a picture>


1.Tap the camera icon on home screen.


Alternatively you can scroll across the screen by flicking the screen right to left until you see the dedicated camera icon, then tap the camera icon.


3. Turn the camera toward the subject. The Camera is located here at the top of the front face of the device.


4. To take a picture, tap the touch screen.


5. If you want to check the picture, drag the screen right to left.






< How to record the video >


1. To record the video,run the camera feature and tap the camera icon in the top left corner.


2. Camera icon has now changed to the Video recording icon.


3. Turn the camera toward the subject and tap the screen to start video recording.


4. To finish the recording, tap the touch screen again.


5. You can watch the recorded video by flicking the screen right to Left – and then tap on the “Play” icon.




< How to change the Camera settings >


1.To change the camera settings, run the camera feature and tap the camera settings menu icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.


2.In this example we will use options in the Camera settings menu to set up our device to take a Sound and Shot picture.
Tap “Sound & shot”.


3. Tap on “On”.


4. A description of the sound and shot feature will be displayed.


5. The “Sound & shot” icon is now displayed in the lower left corner of the display.


6. Turn the camera toward the subject and tap the screen to start taking sound & shot picture.
Up to 9 seconds of sound will be recorded.


7. You can view and listen to a sound and shot picture by flicking the screen, when in the camera app,from right to left.



※Note: A sound a shot can be identified by the small sound and shot icon displayed at the top of the screen.




After taking pictures, the pictures should normally be transferred automatically.
You can check and change the transfer picture setting in Galaxy Gear manager on your connected Galaxy S5.


1. Tap “Apps”.


2. Tap “Gear Manager”.


3. Tap “My Apps”.


4. Tap “Camera” setting.


5. Tap “Auto transfer”.


6. Change to the option you wish to use. Tap “Always” to ensure pictures are transferred from Gear 2 to your Galaxy S5 automatically.








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